6-Book of Activity

Chapter 6

1. Go you forth into the ways of the world and preach the "I AM THE WAY," in its fullness.

2. Be not afraid, for I am with you.

3. Each day, have four a day on the street in all places of the city. Teach. They will be drawn to you.

4. Let every man be a school unto himself, that has accepted My priesthood.

5. For he that accepts Me accepts great wisdom.

6. For Paul, My servant, carries the power to not only open the door, but to bring you into the Light.

7. What you accept shall be accepted in heaven, and man shall flourish.

8. Blessed is he that thy acceptance is given to, for he shall enter the Kingdom with Light.

9. He that rejecteth you, rejects Me, for thou art my messenger.

10. For the Kingdom of God is at hand.

11. Return not to the old ways, for I will give you the new works.

12. Give to one another, and it shall be given to all in plenty.

13. The ways of the world are new, and I shall lead you.

14. The WAY and Truth has not changed, but the way of entering the WAY has.

15. Blessed is he who comes to even truly seek Me, for he shall be among you.

16. That I, Jesus, shall guide you all openly, for you are My chosen ones.

17. For many shall see Me and be taught by Me in this Order, and some others.

18. You, Paul, shall serve as My footstool, that I may rest from earthly form.

19. They that see Me shall see My Father's House in all its Glory.

20. "Work for the night is coming" -- now we say, "Work for the Day is coming, when the night is over."

21. Think not of dis-ease, for you are children of Light.

22. Man and Woman are only married when their love for one another stands the test of freedom on both sides, and there is no personal desire on either part to share their love with another.

23. Work with one another and you will be rich in the Lord.

24. Baptize all; this is the first step. Baptism with water and oil is to declare to the reception of the Holy Spirit, and the oil is the attraction of the Cosmic Light.

25. For the Baptism in this Age is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Light.

26. Be not deceived by all manner of drugs and pseudo-substitutes, for "I AM THE WAY," and the Path has not changed.

27. For blessed is he that bears the Light. For he lights the WAY for his brother.

28. There is but One God.

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