3-Book of Activity

Chapter 3

1. Bring not to Me only tales of woe, and sorrow not the Father with them only.

2. Bring unto the Father glory, and light, as a reflection of His Son.

3. Look upon thy body as a holy thing, and know that it shall obey thy word.

4. For thou shalt be men and women of many lives, and many professions.

5. Those of you who are ordained in the sacred brotherhood shall become many channels of service, whether he be priest or lay brother.

6. For my Father wants only to gather about Him those who love, and do stand up and declare His glory, no matter the degree of their ability.

7. For one who washes, one who writes, all serve the same Father, the same Light.

8. But he who walks the path of a chosen one, and gives his life through time eternal, with a mate equally dedicated, gaineth great favor in the eyes of the Father.

9. For he lives not one life, but two.

10. For in two there is greater glory than in one.

11. For when the earth shakes under thy feet, even though thy cup runneth over with joy, fear not.

12. And when the winds blow, like out of the mouth of hell, fear not.

13. For thou art the chosen children, and not a hair of thy head shall be touched.

14. For I shall come to thee in body, as well as mind, and we shall walk together upon the Path.

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