2-Book of Activity

Chapter 2

1. For in the days to come, as I was with you once before, so I will be with you again.

2. For as the new world forms, so will the activity of the Spirit so increase.

3. As man changes his way of life, so will increase the activity of the Spirit.

4. For I give unto you a new law -- it is a law of the Spirit. It is the Law of Activity.

5. As I taught you in days of old . . . that it is better to give than to receive, likewise in this day, so as you give vent to service, as you actively serve, move in accordance, both physically and spiritually, so will you activate the Spirit.

6. Man has now come to a place where activity acts the same as the channel of love did act, for the Father to manifest.

7. For every act of your physical being with the consciousness of God shall bear fruit.

8. In each and every function of the mind of man, does the way of the Father bear fruit now, in the spiritual being or body of man.

9. For thy body shall bear witness unto the glory of the Father and Christ, through Me.

10. For as each one giveth of himself to one of My little ones, be it word, be it food, be it active in the Spirit, be it at night, or be it at day, so will I grant the fruit of his activity.

11. On the day of Pentecost did the Spirit cause many to speak in tongues, but in this day, all shall now be able to manifest tongues through My Glory.

12. A new world which you are now beginning to sense, those of you who are with Me, and who live in the Light of Christ and have seen God, shall see the change and the fulfillment of the Scripture.

13. For as My body and My blood doth envelope the earth, so likewise does God the Father become active in the presence, by the movement of those conscious of Him.

14. Out of the depths of the Self shall come many new ordinances. For as I have said thy rod and thy staff shall comfort thee. Now I say, thy rod and thy staff shall give thy way life, and thou shalt go forth and bring the glory of the Father into reality.

15. For in this day, I shall draw together the sons and the daughters of Light, and they shall be as a mighty force which shall wipe iniquity from the face of the earth.

16. Thou shalt bear no malice, but thou shalt strike hard, for all evil shall be wiped from the face of this earth.

17. And I say unto you, go forth, let thy Light shine, and let thy word be well said, and written into the rocks of time, that it may not be erased.

18. For as my elite of the Father assemble, so shall the Host of Heaven go with them like a mighty army, penetrating the enemy's camp in the dead of night.

19. So shall they move through the dens of iniquity, seeking out those who shall be with us.

20. For I say unto you, the parable of the Shepherd and his lost sheep changeth not.

21. For thou shalt move hell and heaven to find one who is lost.

22. Like a songwriter who said, "Bring me stout-hearted men," I say to you, be stout of heart, and let thy word be sure, that it may cut like the keen edge of a blade. And fear not.

23. Think not that he that falleth away from thee after thou hast sheltered him and told him of God is lost, for once thou hast put thy approval upon him by one of My disciples, so shall he be found.

24. Yea, thou thou walkest through the shadows of death, I AM is on all sides of thee.

25. Thou shalt walk strong, and thy body shall be filled with everlasting life.

26. And thy peace shall be thy shield, and the sword of the Spirit shall be thy weapon.

27. This I give unto you as a commandment. Go forth and do, do, do.

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