1-Book of Activity

Chapter 1

1. For it is given unto Me to write these things, that man shall know of himself as he lives.

2. For as he lives he prays, in this age, and I say unto you that he who tries to take from another man his wealth without due compensation, steals from him.

3. For as it has been said by the great Master that the laborer is worth his hire, so likewise is he for whom he labors worth his hire. But let him not take more than he pays for in goods.

4. For he who would gain money without effort, by using man's law, cheateth his brother.

5. He that desireth another woman fervently, who belongs to another, is attempting to steal her away from her husband.

6. But he who just admires the beauty of a creation of God, is admiring God's handiwork, and sinneth not against the Father.

7. For he who lives alone, unless he be divinely called to do so, manifests the unwillingness to share life and thus isolates himself from the Force of the Father.

8. He that riseth without first thoughts of his Creator, assumes that he has none.

9. And he who cries out, Father, Father, give me this, and knoweth not the Law of Prayer, is but a shallow bowl, and has no spirituality.

10. And he who enters the Temple, or the church of worship, with worries of material things on his mind, hath no faith in the Father.

11. He that hath a physical disorder, unless he be neutralizing a Karmic condition, has a spiritual need.

12. For he that worketh for wages on God's day -- if he serveth not the public so they may go to church, or enjoy nature -- bringeth on old age.

13. A man who feels and senses the presence of God needs but to rejoice in the glories of His Creation, and he shall be given spiritual revelation.

14. Aye, Man, look hard into thy mirror, and it shall be revealed unto thee thy past and thy future, if thou acceptest the power of the Spirit.

15. Man, know thine own Universe, and thy Creator will know thee.

16. For surely as thou appreciatest the handiwork of the Creator, so likewise will the Creator enjoy thy joy.

17. Look not into the past, for it is no more, and fret not of the future, for it has not come. But look you now to this moment and what you do with it. For it is an opportunity you will never have again.

18. Give unto thy wife words of praise, so that she may fulfill her place with thee, and thus give her completeness in the eyes of the Creator.

19. I say unto you, man and wife, look ye both to the Creator, and ye will see truly one another, and thy days will be long and full of joyousness, whether thy work be hard or thy burden light.

20. Man, take thy staff and use it well, and know that thou shalt earn through it the bounties which come from the mysteries of the Law, which shall be thine if thou wouldst do so.

21. Glory, Glory, Glory be unto God for the exceeding greatness and beauty of the whole of His Creations, and the light of His Sun, which worketh with the magnificence of our Lord of Earth, the Master Jesus Christ.


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