9Book of God

Chapter 9

There are a few things which I would bring unto the Priests of My Order, and that is the fact that we must not make the mistake of the early Christian Church. We must not make the mistake that they made, to profess to receive revelation and the works of the Almighty and then deny them when they manifest.

I know the loophole that these things leave for the egotist and the charlatan, but they will be wiped out and they shall not interfere with the reality of our work and the Hosts above.

This is the Way, the Truth and the Light, and when thou layest thy hands upon him who is ready to receive Me, he shall receive Me regardless of any edict or any ceremony or dedication which a man might take upon himself to do.

For this is the Way, this is the Truth of it and the Light shall come with it. And when man opens his heart, and man opens his mind, and man gives of himself totally unto Me and unto the glory of My Father, he shall receive the Light of the Christos through Me and through the Brothers above. The Host is ever waiting and ready to serve those who will give up of themselves the totality of their being in the service of Christ to the service of Myself as Lord of this Earth.

Let this be a command: Go ye forth and sow the Light wherever it will be received, but do not let your imagination run away with you. Do not let these things interfere but work with thy Self, work with Me and work with the Host above. And there will be no question, for these people will be reborn and they shall come into new life and shall sprinkle over the face of the Earth and the darkness shall be obliterated into the day of the Christ and into the living day of Light.

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