8Book of God

Chapter 8

Illumination is not just a matter of your receiving some light and being able to see it. Illumination is a matter of receiving Light and then letting go and letting go and letting go until your complete body is full of Light, until you have so much Light that you can never see darkness.

There is no such thing as too much Light, or Illumination which doesn't have Light. This should be understood by the teachers and priests, and the priests should learn that this is so.

You are knights illuminated of the Spirit. Therefore you are men of God, going forth with the same principles of knighthood, willing to give all and receive nothing, and accept death if necessary.

In the carrying out of your duties, obedience should be unlimited, but not death in the physical world type of death, but giving up the ego and yourself for the sake of serving Me.

For in My service right at this day and age is a way of using this as your sword, as your breastplate and gauntlet.

You must learn all there is to know about the Illumination and the Light and you must use it, and learn to use it as a child would use a pick and shovel, or an adult.

You must learn to work with it and work with the Spirit and follow the Spirit. This is why it is necessary for you to totally give up.

Give up what? Give up all your desires, give up all your interests, personal ones, and follow Me, follow the Way of the Order, and you will receive that which you are looking for, and you will have great and greater reward from your Father in Heaven.

There is a way and a Truth and this Truth must be brought forward.

There is a Way of Light, and that is our Way, that is the Way of the Order.

It is the most important thing you can do in this Order, is bringing the Light, Carrying the Light, dispensing the Light, giving it to others, cleansing people with it, healing the sick with it. These are all things which are part of the service of the Holy Order of Mans.

There is a Way, and you will see it and know it when you get out of the way.

Revelation from Master Jesus

January 5, 1971

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