7Book of God

Chapter 7

As one is passing through life and you have at last come to a point of decision, at this point is the place where you consciously put your foot on the first rung of the ladder.

When you lift up your hands unto heaven.

For he who puts his body on the altar and says, "Here I am, O Master," he shall reap the benefit and he shall reap the ever- lasting life which I have promised you all.

And amongst you elect, you must do these things for it shall be brought to pass that men shall think at first that you are, shall we say, considerably off-base, but these will soon pass and the day will come when you will be distinguishable from all men of the Earth, and you will wear different gowns or different robes, or should I say different outward clothing than those around you. But this will only come when the day reaches when you have received and manifest the humility necessary that you can humbly wear this distinction and go forth and sow the Light of the Christos unto all men.

Seek not to be conformers except as it is a good thing to do. Seek not to pacify people but to bring things about as you are requested. Seek not to ask for glory or thanks from the people, but only a recognition of reality and the Truth and that ye are My servants and the Father's above.

When you go into high places or into the presence of the theologian, do not expect from the outer side acceptance, but know ye that the Host and Myself shall strike with a hot iron and shall seal and sear the calluses which are upon their souls and the living fire shall take its toll in bringing them to life again.

Think not a word of rejection might be of any great consequence, for that which has happened within, you shall not evaluate and neither shall those around them, but it shall come to pass that ye shall lead them to Me.

Go now in peace and seek not the acceptance of men but only the acceptance of My Father and the Christos and Myself as thy Master and as the servant of our Father. This I accept here now for you. Go now and spread the Light.

Received September 31, 1970

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