6 Book of God

Chapter 6

Yes, I have asked this evening, to give you a lecture on My own life -- for you are so far from the real reality of understanding the beauty and graciousness of serving the Father or serving through Me.

When one has felt and known the beauty of seeing a human attain the relief of their error, of their sin, then one must know and realize the fruits of the Spirit. Knowing that these things are brought forth only from within one, only through your efforts, only through your acceptance and the going forward according to the directions are they attained.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we experience the beauty and the reality of the Spirit, watching these young ones go forward with zeal and with acceptance of the spirit, and take on the reality that I have projected to them. Going forward without anything practically, with just their acceptance, just their knowing; that they have accepted My word and gone into the field to harvest the lilies and My elite.

It is hard, yes, for you to see, to feel -- to feel the beauty of the transmutation of an individual when they come into the knowing that Christ, the great Christos, is real; knowing that they are one with Me, knowing that there is but one great Creator, knowing that within this system we are all brothers of the same Spirit, the same flesh, and that through the acceptance, through the reality of finding oneself -- we then become one body within that mission which I have taken upon Myself through the Father above.

Under the graciousness of our Blessed Mother, My Blessed Mother, was I able to come into this life. You too were able to come into this life because your mother also gave you an opportunity to reincarnate into a new life, a new body, that you might know Me, that you might understand the beauty of life; the everflowing, moving, creating life given to us by my Father in heaven.

What is there that is more beautiful than this. You may believe that your parents were unjust. You may believe that your parents were not right, and perhaps they were not. But they gave you this supreme opportunity at the beginning of this age to come into the Golden Way. This is that which thou wast seeking, or you would not be here. It is what I have sought -- to have you here.

You have become one of the Children of Light. And as the days pass and you go through the many experiences, you too will understand what it is to be a Child of Light.

You will know the way. You will know of the fire, the earth, the air, and the water; you will experience these experiences -- not as they did in the days of old; not as an initiation in the great temples, but in life itself you shall experience.

There is a way. It is not an idle word. There is a strength that comes with it. There is a divine edict and power given unto he who puts his foot upon the Way.

Go now. Be not sorrowful; be not without joy. For the time of peace is coming -- even though you see the clouds of war -- the time when the dove shall come. And it shall have a place to live.

From day to day just go forth and do that which thou art bid, and thy heart shall be full of joy and thy body shall be full of youth, and thou shalt reap the harvest of many ages.

Received March 3, 1970

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