5 Book of God

Chapter 5

Those in My service shall have long days and short nights.

There shall be much of My work completed, for in silence do I progress, for in silence thyself shall progress.

And there shall be many things brought unto man which have only been known unto God or My servants for a time . . . they have not . . . people upon them . . . although I walk through the shadow of the death of this world, I also walk with victory over that which thou hast brought unto Me.

Yea, though I be apparently far away, I am very near.

For those whom seek Me, I have to seek not. For those whom find Me, I have always been found, like unto those whom come into this work. Those whom realize the reality of My experience in the mountain top, likewise, do they experience it here with you in this Order.

For while I looked down upon the earth then, and saw the kingdoms that I might have, if I bowed my knee to negation, likewise do you see all of the excitement at sometime of the world outside and around you, shortly after you have entered My household.

Until you make your decision to follow My command and follow Me, until you have made your decision to come in and be a servant of God, you too want to run away for you see just a little of what I looked at from that mountain side when I was tempted by the Tempter.

Man, in all his glory, in this day shall also see and be tempted.

If you follow the Way of the Cross, the initiation, as I did, and you follow it through this Order of whom I am Master, ye shall find glories and much happiness and truth.

Those whom seek Me, will I seek out and give unto them the Light and the reality of being.

There are many small things which mean so much.

Seek not other things when thou art seeking Me.

From all truths I implore you, look well to thy brother that thou mayest be one with him for in this unity there is strength.

Carry not my cross, for I have carried it, although I was helped part of the way.

Seek not martyrdom although I was martyred.

For martyrdom gaineth not its purpose unless divinely ordained by those above.

Feat not when thou lookest into the abyss of darkness before thou has crossed and entered the chamber of Light.

For the deeper thou lookest into the blackness of its depths, just so far up will thou look into the lightness of My world, and know of Me and from whence do I come.

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