2 Book of God

Chapter 2

For as the Master saith, no more shall man eke out his sins in labor or pay his debts through labor -- the debts of the Spirit.

For his activity in carrying out My commandments shall bring him grace.

For he that thinketh against his brother, and prepares thereof a hell for him, shall burn of his own emotion.

He that would wash away his sins shall first wash his mind and thoughts.

And he that would gain heavenly acknowledgment must first gain worldly acclaim of his good deeds.

For I say unto you, in this new earth, thou shalt be with Me always in this age.

He that would be acknowledged by me must be acknowledged by My Mother and Father.

For he that loveth not a mother, loves not his own; and he that loveth not his father, loves not the Father in heaven.

For he that prayeth to My Father only when night falls, and dawn breaks, is not well heard.

But he who prayeth while he worketh is heard by My Father in heaven.

For his prayer is infused with the Spirit of My Father, and it shall manifest on earth.

For he that would worship My Father must obey My Law.

For there is but One God, One Father in heaven, Creator of all things and all men.

And he that would be accepted by Christ, My Father, and Me, must be Christians of one mind.

For if thou separatest thyself in the worship of My Father, from thy brother, thou art dividing My Father and Me, and his temple shall fail.

For a strong building or temple can only be built on solid ground. A strong body only can hold the Spirit of My Father, and the Light of the Christos, and fulfill My word.

For if thou wouldst fulfill the Will of My Father, then thou shalt listen to the Voice of thy Self.

For only an active body and clean mind keepeth a strong body, or temple of God.

For lo, I say unto you, thy days shall lengthen, and so must also thy power strengthen.

For he who does not carry the Light shall be lost in darkness, and his life shall be short.

For in these days, I say unto you, there shall appear in the heavens a golden Cross.

The elite of My sons and daughters shall spread the long arm of light throughout this country and the world.

For they shall go out like the spokes of a wheel from the hub, and wherever they go there shall be a source of light.

Let not one man think that he may tamper with My work, or the work of My elite.

For if he does, he shall suffer the fires of hell on earth. And truly

I say unto you, he shall ask for death, but it shall not be.

When you, My elite, go forth -- go forth in humility, but demanding all power and grace and respect unto the Father, in My name.

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