11Book of God  

Chapter 11

For this is in the Book of God, in the 11th chapter, like the 11th chapter of Hebrews.

For he who follows the Order of the Golden Cross has emancipated himself through My Word and My Law. For you are My elect.

He who enters the priesthood has left the wheel of Karma, as you call it, but has sacrificed himself that he shall be bound to the priesthood during seven incarnations, and shall then be free to choose his way.

After the seventh mission, he may return to the Father, or the great glories, or may enter any type of life.

For he that has received the Light of My Son and works with Him, shall see Me in manifestation at some level of the heavens.

For I say unto you that you shall be known as ministers, or Masters of the Law -- priests of the gospel -- and thou shalt be known, yes, as Master of the Work, for this I have given unto you.

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