Book of Woman


Chapter 5


Remind my sisters that if they are interested in women being equal to men with the same advantages of attainment which bring them the divine right to function in the altar through My word, let them all forget all the mass mind nonsense about women and let them conduct themselves like Christian beings and they shall be accepted by all people.

Let marriage in this age take on a new light and let it be a profound marriage, not a license to enter the brides-chamber but a license to work together, to love and be loved, to have offspring and to accept My Father above all other things.

Tell them if they don't want to be sought for sexual relations and purposes alone, they then wear their dresses so they are not stimulating that thought in the Brother's minds -- not homely but decent.

Go forth into the world with the ideal of saving souls and not seeking a mate and it is just possible that they will receive a mate if they don't seek. For the Law can't help but function and the grace of that which I helped pay for on Calvary.

Received February 26, 1974

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