Book of Woman


Chapter 3


She that has reached My priesthood and honors Me not, doeth blasphemy unto the Host, because the Host is My servant; I am their guide.

Unto her whom has coveted her husband, so will I covet her crown for he has given his word unto Me and I shall hold him unto it.

They that come into My Light and the Light of the SELF are old enough to be missionaries of My work. For they have lived many lives or they would not have reached it yet.

She that loveth her children will love Me first, for I will protect her children and her family, and great peace and prosperity shall follow them.

In My Father's house are many mansions, but why pick one, when you may enter any? For in My Father's house there is room for all, so do not be hurried, but wait for His call.

Unto he who, whether brother or sister, taketh on my mantle, surely goodness and mercy shall follow him all the days of his life. Verily it fulfills the promise of My Father.

Teach to them the commandments and they shall learn the ways of the Host.

For out of the world of Light and reality, there shall now come another which shall be an aid unto you and a helper on the path. Seek not to find him, for he will be revealed.

There are but a few years left, for that which you have taught this evening will be manifest truly; even they, though they know it not and may not even be conscious of it to a certain extent then, all things shall come together with thy help. Fear not and thy every footstep is guided.

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