Book of Woman


Chapter 2

For I say unto you who bear the sons of earth, look closely to know if thou be not one of Mine own.

For these are My Sons, and My elite, and hamper them not in their growth and knowledge of Me.

Though thou be woman, thou art not as great as she, my Mother, until thou hast given child unto God.

For lo, I say, listen well, and keep thine ears to the ground, for these things shall happen.

And I say unto you, if thou allowest a man to worship thee, thou art committing a sin against the Father and Me.

Love thy mate, and receive the love of thy mate, but hold forth not thine importance.

And base not thy love between thee and thy mate on thy shape- liness, for it shall be wasted, and thy temple shall fall.

For I say unto you, beauty can only be symmetry, and what in thine eyes is beautiful, might be ugly in another's.

So thine only beauty is in thy light, and in the wealth of thy heart.

For I say unto thee, use not the affections of thy mate to glorify the outer man, and quench the thirst of thine ego.

But let thy love, thy true love, be turned toward God, that you may experience true marriage.

For I say unto you, that woman may only gain her glory, her full glory, in the true fulfillment of a godly marriage.

Look thou now unto thine own house, and thine own temple of God.

But seek not to belittle the temple of thy sister. For the venom of thy jealousy shall eat out thy soul.

For surely goodness and mercy shall follow thee all the days of thy life, and the truly beloved child borne by thy body shall be the Messiah of thy salvation.

But let not the Spirit of my Father be wasted in idle chatter. For thou needest it to carry out the commandments of the Father given through Me.

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