Book of Woman


Chapter 1

A woman shall be a woman, and not a false idol.

A woman shall be no different than man, for she should observe the first commandment just as rigidly.

A woman shall be attractive, and show her beauty, but she may not make an idol of her clothes.

She shall be attractive, but not sensuous, or she will lose her way to the Kingdom.

It is right and holy that a woman and man should be attracted, both in companionship and in marriage.

It is right in marriage that a woman may work, if she has no children, and her mate's efforts do not yield sufficient for a modest and Christian way of life.

Again I would repeat unto you, seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all these shall be added unto you.

She shall be dressed so that she is decently covered, not that her body is shameful, but there is a time, a way, and a place for being covered, and for being uncovered.

A woman shall give more time of her work and service to God, than she does her clothes.

Things are useful in the home, and for the life of this Age, but she should tithe the same as a man, to whatever church or place she attends.

Woman is as acceptable to God in revelation, and in teaching the Word, as man, but she must learn not to be jealous of her sister.

Jealousy is a demon which must be torn out and burned, before Christ and His Light may enter.

For she must learn to work with man without desiring him.

The home where man and woman live together, with the principles of activity, is the foundation of the New Christ Age.

She shall not aspire to be a male, but a Christian woman.

For it is just as grave a sin for her to reject a child, as it would have been for the Master to reject one that walked into His midst.

For she shall deliver her sister out of her bondage, and once more shall the ring of temple bells have a meaning in their life.

For she shall watch over the welfare of her sister as well as she does her lover.

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