Book of Man

Book of Man

Chapter 6

He that will give, let him give all. Let him not hold back, for I shall give all unto him.

Also let the reality of these things be brought, O Lord, unto the priests and ministers as they contact us and yours.

Seek not mentalities, but spiritualities. For he who would follow Me must give up his all, and this all means all -- mind, body and spirit.

Teach these young priests that there is a much higher price to the priesthood than what they have been taught; for reading will not do it.

Tell them that if they will accept and work for the light of our Sun, and receive it and use it, and truly find the Self, that I will make it manifest among their hierarchy and that I will restore unto them their rightful heritage of the Spirit, and make known My Presence.

For out of this Way shall move many things, and these things shall be demonstrated to each, as he can understand and receive.

See that My Sisters are brought into the Holy Way, so that they may understand the difference between godliness and holiness.

And servants of My Order seek not to entice; be compassionate but give no ground or concession.

Tell My teachers that they shall wear this Light upon their sleeve, that all may know that they are my servants.

To each one who gives all, I shall touch in some way, that he will know that I am here.

Let it be known throughout the Order that this Order, this holy Order, seeketh not power, which it already has, but the holiness which shall lead to completeness of the work.

Received November 9, 1970

In order that man shall know himself, he should know those things which might teach the race, but on his level.

Love ye one another, that I may love you, as do the angels and the Brothers above. For I have chosen you, you have not chosen Me.

Received May 14, 1973


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