Book of Man

Chapter 5

Received December 27, 1969

For lo, unto him who hath great patience is great power given.

And unto him who has great strength, likewise will great spirit and power move through him.

But unto him who is weak of heart, but believeth on Me, will I deal with him mercifully.

For not every man can stand up when the wind blows. But every man can follow My words and thus satisfy My Father in Heaven.

For I say unto you, you shall see in this coming six months; there shall be miracles performed, for they shall please My Father.

And I say unto you: Let him who would follow in My footsteps also feel the presence of My power, and the bite of My scars.

Unto him who dares to walk the Path, shall all things be opened unto.

If thou reverence our Mother, and our Mother in heaven, this shall please the Father.

Look not unto other churches, but look ye well unto the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Give them ample opportunity to work with thee, and ye with them, and many mountains will be moved.

Go forth now, in My name, and proclaim the Way and seek ye out My children and My elite.

This I command you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and I know it shall be done.

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Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man