Book of Man

Book of Man

Chapter 4


Out of the East shall come a great light, greater than thou hast seen before, and the way will be opened on Earth for many things.

For I say unto you: They shall beat their guns and swords into plowshares and they shall perish by them.

For in this day there shall be many who shall leave the earth frothing and squirming and kicking with great fear.

For the ways of God our Father are many and mighty and He looketh not upon the poor nor the rich nor he who has just been thrifty; but he who stands with the Light of Christ stands as though he were armored against great attack.

For I have said and ye have read, that many shall be called and few have been chosen; for man chooses to follow in My footsteps or he be blind.

But those of My chosen ones who have been already chosen because of their service and those things of the past, they shall be gathered together and be brought into My order.

Look not unto the East for our aid, nor unto the West, nor unto the North, nor unto the South: for none shall bear with thee. But thou shalt tread the Earth alone with the acceptance of those who are with thee.

For thou shalt be like the core of an apple; if it weren't for the core, the apple would have perished.

And true, it shall be that My children shall light the way and they shall be given greater light.

Be not fooled by their appearances. For many shall appear who are apparently very selfish, some very beguiling, some very inadequate. But my light of the Father through His first born, the great Christ, shall make them adequate.

Thou shalt not spare the rod, for if thou dost, thou shalt spoil the child. For he who cannot obey the Father and His emissaries cannot obey Me, and My Father shall turn His head.

Listen not unto the advice of many. Seek not the material strength, but the spiritual strength of many.

Look not unto man for help, for he will fail thee. For man crieth charity, charity, charity, and seeketh only to embellish his own good.

See that My little ones go into their place of work and worship, and I will take care of their needs.

For in this day there shall be many temptations in white robes, but do not let them fool thee. If thou anointest their head with oil, their cup will run over. Turn not thy had upon a chosen one.

Worry not of what mans law doth say about My little ones, for they shall change their minds; for thou hast the power to move mountains, and when necessary, move them.

Move into the ways of the eternal. Put My yoke upon My little ones and let them bear it bravely for I want no halflings in my service.

As it was said in days of yore . . . Yonca plentilas tehana tuseen bonna . . . (sounded out).

And there are many ways in which thou shalt learn for the spirit. Thy tongue shall be pliable and shall know many languages for thou shalt speak unto the children of the Earth and My little ones shall go forth to meet them.

There is but one Way. Bring My elite into it, My chosen ones. Crown them with My thorns of the priesthood. Anoint their heads with oil and thy cup shall run over.

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