Book of Man  

Book of Man

Chapter 2


Hearken well thine ears unto My words. For they shall be as nectar to thy soul.

To become one of My chosen ones, thou must love all men, all races.

For truly I say unto you, thou shalt be ambitious only to seek My Father's favor.

For if thou seekest the favor of men, and not My Father, thou shalt wilt like the rose without water, and thou shalt know no peace.

For I say unto you that my Father has given you dominion of the earth, and thou seekest it not for My brothers.

Thou shalt treasure the earth and its goods, but know ye well, they are given of my Father's Word.

And I have granted them unto thee.

Turn not away in wrath from thy brother because thou knowest him not, nor understand his goings or comings on earth.

But seek to know thyself, and thou shalt be in accord with thy brother.

For I say unto you, that all men fear before they have had the Light of Christ, because of the darkness.

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Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man