Book of Man

Book of Man

Chapter 3


Only through the Light of Christ can a Self be emancipated.

For as he looks at the past as only a shadow of holiness can he gain the perfection and the function of Self in God.

For he that seeth God shall follow in My footsteps and shall think with My mind.

Think not, nor let them condemn you, the acts of the past, but think on Me for I am thy Lord and through me shall come the Light of the Son of God.

My ways are many, they shall free you and you shall walk consciously in My presence.

For he that calleth My name and is a true seeker shall receive the Light of Christ and the shadows of the past shall be washed away.

For he who has drunk deep of the darkness shall know greater light.

For not only he who has rendered the prayer of My Father in the sanctuary shall know revelation through Me, but he who has fed My little ones, and fulfilled My promise to them shall also truly know the presence of My Father.

For he that lendeth an ear to the joy of creation of My Father bringeth joy unto Me and is amongst the chosen ones in these last days and I say unto you My sons -- search deep within the mystery of the hoary past.

For unto him who glorifies the creation of My Father is given much glory.

He that knoweth that the Christos is with us, knoweth the key to the mystery of this age.

For man hath brought undue pressure upon himself as a race so likely does God our Father bring undue pressure upon him personally.

Thus cometh the judgment upon which I sit and upon which My little ones shall stand in awe of their power.

Glory, glory, glory unto the Father so that the Son may give us life and that the shadow of the Father may manifest the Holy Spirit which shall complete it.

For he who travels the path of My last days of the passion seeks the inimitable reality of the divine path of Mastership.

For in these days My elect shall lead many to the Light and shall show them the way to God the Father within.

Lift up your hearts in the grand Amen for the Law now worketh in every phase of being.

For the Light bringeth life and the old body shall pass away and it shall become new in strength and life.

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