Book of Man

 Chapter 1


For as he disregards the Father, so He shall disregard him, and he shall pass over in anguish.

For first shall come the widows and orphans, whether by divorce or natural means.

Second shall come the widowers and their orphans.

Third shall come the . . .

For lo, My own shall protect them, and they shall be as princes in the multitude.

For My protection shall be as a shield, and that shield shall be a brilliant light.

They shall be able to bind the halt and maimed.

They shall carry My message of peace with much vigor.

The long arm of the Law shall preserve them, and man's law shall be as naught to them.

They shall pray to the Father, and shall look unto the Holy Spirit of Mary for consolation.

They shall find great peace and wisdom.

Thus endeth the book of the ministry.

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Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man Book of Man