Alchemy book ii  


Chapter 2

Transmutation of Man


    The transmutation of man is one of the most outstanding of all of the alchemistís jobs.  This is the principal art of the Teacher or Master of the Works.  The old, familiar statement of the transmutation of gold out of base metal is really a description of one of the most insignificant parts of the arts, and yet it is truly the most important work we can do.


    The transmutation of man from his animal being into man, and then men into gods, is truly a powerfully significant part of our duty and is one of the main functions of this Order.


    Due to the imperfect material and sometimes partly destroyed, it is truly a rebuilding job for us to accomplish.  We sell short the idea of the lack of the need of the alchemic principles in the act of transmuting these beings into men and women with godlike qualities.


    One of the difficult jobs of the creating of the rosy cross is not getting the rod and the staff into the consciousness of the student, but is getting the rose to open so that the body of man functions in accordance with the staff, and manís arms and actions function in accordance with the rod.


    But the changing from the world of emotions in action to the world of feeling is one of the difficult things for most people to acquire and to really truly function yet, especially with their youthful zeal, which usually effervesces and overflows into the emotional activity.  For it is easy enough to explain the exoteric meaning and use these things to operate these symbols.  Yet it is the getting of the vehicle to function on a truly exoteric principle, for here we must experience, and only through experience can this difficult reality be taught.  It is a principle that requires you using both the labor, and the play and worship of the animal, in order to get him to be conscious of the true world of God in which he is living.


    The attaining of the philosopherís stone, that precious jewel which is the real work that will make these transmutations become realistic, is an accomplishment in which all Masters of the work may take spiritual pride of the Fatherís perfect creation which he has accomplished.


    There are many ways in which things seep into the mind from without.  Yet we could say that they are not truly seeping into the mind when weíre thinking, but the body does not think.  It has no resistance, particularly to ideas.  Therefore, it is receptive to all that is impinged upon it.  The sounds, though we do not hear them, the atmospheric pressure, although we may not feel it, the change of light intensity, although we may not even really perceive it.  For the change in radiation in the air causes a change in the density of the body, and therefore, builds up certain new sensitivity levels which cause us to be what is called super-sensitive in certain areas.


    Races of men have certain music which they feel attracted to and to which their minds feel that it fills their needs.  Such things as psychedelic music, a race may say, fills a need.  It is constructive through its destructive action.  Some races are attracted to a more finely attuned music, which is closer to what we might call the harmony of the spheres in vibration.  I think a higher level of vibration cannot stand the psychedelic music or beat notes.


    The human animal, man, has a rhythm to its bulk which derives a pulse which moves from one side of the body to the other about 16 pulses a second.  The movie film, or movie machine which uses the film, exposes frames of pictures.  In other words, one picture is one frame on the movie film at the speed of 32 frames per second, double the number of that of the impulse of the body.  Therefore, its perception is not physically and consciously noted, even though we are seeing each of those frames upon the screen.  Due to the point that we have a male and female side to our body so to speak, the beat moving from one side of the body to the other is a flow of magnetism from one polarity to another.  But this beat really comes from without and within simultaneously, raising the heartbeat, and one side feels the beat positively, and the other feels it negatively.  When you change the beat of music you change the metabolism of the body and its electrical radiation.  This flow, of course, in the body is electro-magnetism.  The increase of beat of music generally increases the psychic reactions of the body, and some persons take advantage of that to increase the intensity of the pulse and thus are led to the use of psychedelic drugs to speed up their sensitivity because of the inner craving of a higher vibration.


    I presume about now you are asking, what has this to do with alchemy.  Well, my dear Masters of the Works, this is the vehicle.  This is the automobile that you have got to retune and instruct this animal man how to run so that he may learn to travel out of his vehicle and also may carry a memory with him, which will be conveyed by the traces of the blood to his Soul, and he may then be able to fully function as a god man.


    God created man in his perfect form.  This form was the real form and the rightful term of God is real.


    Remember this job you have to do is to remove the illusions of the outer form created by the internal activity of the real, and manís personal reaction to the real is the area where he makes his mistakes and sins.


    Remember that no man can see his own face without the aid of his mirror.  When the real steps out of its own center and looks at it, it is looking at real substance that has been formed by its own mind and memory into an unreal pattern.


    For when man meets the dweller on the threshold, he is seeing what he has created which the vehicle did not accept because of its unreality, and this being he must get rid of.


    Remember that every action is followed by a reaction, in making the transmutation of the animal into man.  Remember that the in-going power, the soul energy is the medium between the center and the periphery, between the spirit and nature, between God and nature; and that as you are becoming both male and female, both within and without, the positive super being settles into a function of just being.  For God did not want man to have preconceived ideas of what was good or not.  Neither did He want him to try to determine what he would look like.


    If we receive the true light and build up the spiritual body of man, we will take on a more godlike countenance, and therefore, the physical body will become closer to that of the vibration of heaven and the symbolic marriage of Christ.  But it is not just an example.  It can be truly realized, and this is what we are endeavoring to transmute the crudeness of the flesh into, and no longer follow the cycle of evolution, but to gain a greater realization of what you truly are in a universe unto yourself.


    It is many times more difficult to remove an old error or what you have than to find a truth.  For whenever there is a mold the supply will not fail if you, the alchemist, can help to create a better vacuum in the form to be filled through the natural substance.


    You, as a Worker of the Works, must look about you and observe the natural phenomena of the cosmic world, such as the attributes of the moon, sun, the earth and its magnetism, the power of the Word, and the reality of Christ.  Because you cannot produce pure and fine tissue and substance with impure thoughts, you must set the pattern.  Therefore, you must have a purity of thought in your knowing of the substance which you are to build with.


    In bringing about the transmutation of the crude unrefined flesh, we use many approaches, but basically we perform a sacrament of the cosmic confessional.  We are truly performing a healing of a body sick with illusions of our own creation, our studentsí creation.  I would say the following are a set of rules which should be excellent to remember in pointing out the sins and transgressions, and these rules of thumb are a guidance for our action.  We might call this the golden rules of health, spiritually and physically, because without a well body, we cannot have a spiritually well man.


 1.  Remember that 90% of manís body is mostly moisture or water of which it is composed.


 2.  Remember that the air you breathe is full of life force, and deep breathing, belly breathing, which removes many of the toxic poisons from the air on the lower chambers of the lungs is a necessity to make a life of good health and happiness.


 3.  The chemicals of manís body are known.  The perfect physical body is where we have a perfect chemical uniting according to its perfect spiritual form.


 4.  Remember that it is things we like that cause our mouth to water, and we say we relish these foods.  When we eat them they give us the most benefit as long as we do not take them in excess.


 5.  The body of man changes from hour to hour.  Tissues are recharged.  Cells are refilled or rebuilt, as we say.  The cells of today are not the same as they were six months ago.


 6.  Remember that any 100% cure for a disease thus advertised is a fraud because nature and its proper functions and God are the only cures.  Chemical medicine only helps nature to do its job.


 7.  To deny the body or condemn its normal functioning is spiritually wrong.


 8.  One may develop the taste for a good food, and thus supply the body with much needed elements.  Yet eat for lifeís sake as well as your pleasure.


 9.  The more saliva of the mouth and chemicals that are mixed with the food in the mouth, the more easily will it be digested.  Donít get in a hurry eating.


10.  Reasonable quantities of food slowly chewed will give the same pleasure as hurriedly consumed larger quantities and will supply the body with all its needs.


11.  Remember that the gastric juices of the stomach come in through the lining of the stomach, the same as perspiration through the pores of the skin.  These functions are automatic functions and are of personal service to the bodyís perfect form.  Donít eat when you are nervous or in a state of anticipation.


12.  Three of the important elements of digestion in the stomach of the gastric juices is 2% hydrochloric acid, some pepsin and some retsin.  You donít have to take these as a medicine, but you can meditate on the beauty of your stomachís work and be happy that you donít have to make the mixtures, and youíll have good digestion.


13.  Remember that when the stomach is totally filled and distended to its limit, it will not receive food any longer.  Your stomach will be forced to empty some of this in an undigested state into the upper intestine, and you will probably have some form of gas or indigestion as a result.  In other words, you have eaten too much.  This is as bad as not eating enough.  Both are poor habits.


14.  The periodicity of timing the rhythmic motion of manís organs in accordance with the rhythmic motion of the body hold sway in a harmonic motion with that of the universe.  Digestion and eating should be a happy process, and then you will be taken with the joys and nature and living.  We might say these are ďdontísĒ, but I say they are conditions.


1.  Donít eat foods which have an extreme chemical content such as vinegars and other elements with high differences, except in small quantities, to that of the natural body reactions.        


2.  Donít go without sufficient water to drink between meals.


3.  Donít go without exercise of some kind.  Itís healthy.  By this time I have a feeling that you are saying, ďWell, I know this.  What has this to do with alchemy?Ē  And I am answering it by saying, you are mixing the potions in that manís universe. 


    Let us ramble a little bit about the things above we have said in a little more detail about the subject of health the renewal of manís physical body.  Let us call it the philosophy of health.


    Manís entire evolution as a race of beings is controlled by certain things.  One of those we call environment. Another we call spiritual experience.  Another is what he should experience in accordance with the age, the era in which he is living, and his deeds and debts, if he is to build a certain kind of body that is adapted to the age of his coming experience which will aid him in maintaining health, avoiding illusionary disease and the mental forgiveness and the spiritual forgiveness of his sins.  As above, so below.


    Remember that one may know the effect from the cause.  You also may receive the idea of what the cause is from the effect.  For this is the function of what you might call the feed back system in the human body.  For the flaw in the human body demonstrates to the beings around him and to the alchemist in accordance with the consciousness, the nature of the flaw, or sin or error created in his functioning by his mind, and your mind may correct it.


    It would be well for every alchemist in learning healing, it would be well for him to be well so that he could know that which is well, or that which was before being ill.  In other words know a healthy body himself.


    What then are the functions of the human body as healthy?  For it is our desire that each being manifest physical health that the Divine self within our bodies may manifest to the highest degree so that we may truly see.


    For this purpose it is absolutely necessary that the body must be healthy and free from disease.  We may be reminded of that phrase, Physician heal thyself.  For how if thine own body be ill can one set an example for others to follow?  Nor can one expect to heal others when one is not in good health.


   The subject of the greatest mystery is the source and nature of life itself. Life only manifests when there is action. The secondary mystery is that of disease and pain, which only manifests as a result of some violation of natural law.  The first thing to do in bringing a man into Illumination is to discover what those violations of natural law he has and to correct the cause of his disease whatever their potency may be.  Not as others would have it, not the treatment of the symptoms or the effect of such disease, but the answer that the Self will give you, and your alchemic understanding of life.


    The causes may be easily perceived or may require deeper insight and study.  This work on the cause is more to be conceived as fully non-physical, for certain physical applications can speed the manifestation of a healing and be appreciable in maintaining a physical healing, and will prepare him for a good illumination.


    The work of the alchemist and the spiritual physician is a means of bringing about a permanent form of relief.  The unconscious habits of thought and attitudes and actions are the causes which a spiritual physician may determine as a cause of each chronic physical condition, but some of these causes might be the effects of a karmic situation.  A patient is often unsuspecting of the nature of the real cause of his suffering or sins.  Therefore, one must sometimes be diplomatic and discreet, and well armed with understanding as well as a true love of people who do have imperfections.


   A true worker of the Works is one who is a true physician and true priest, who is adequately equipped to give healing treatments and blessings, and this is why there is the existence of ill health because we lack the numbers in this world of true physicians and priests.  Whereas remove the cause of the violations of natural law, then the true form of thought and action of life.  Let us truly live as true Christians.  The true medicine is the teaching of the true laws and their application, which will bring certain results, and this is called the treatment.


    Let us not make a mistake as physicians and because a man has a complication of causes, try to remove all the causes at once or to give him the medicine, in other words the meditations, the ideas, that will remove these causes all at one time, because the mind of man then becomes confused, and his eye cannot be single.  Therefore, his body cannot be full of light.


    Think of yourself as a mental surgeon if necessary, if those things are too deep seated, and work on one thing at a time, and then you will find that slowly but surely your patient will lose his symptoms of his sins and one of these days that magic potion, the last one you apply, he will flower out in joy, happiness, and receive the illumination.  But donít be fooled that it was that one potion that did the trick.


    Be kind but firm as the Master said, but be kind by giving him a chance and his mind a chance to eliminate these things one at a time, so that he may feel his progress and not go into a state of confusion.


    Remember you are the alchemist.  You are building a new body with the full God force of the Word.  If you perform your magic correctly without anxiety as to the results, you will have another worker for Christ.


    God bless you.




        Book of Alchemy

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