Alchemy Ė book ii


Chapter 1

The Alchemy of the Priesthood


    In this second half of this volume of alchemy, let me approach our subject as if I were a neophyte and perhaps only understood the literal meaning given in the dictionary of a word.  And as we go through this part of the volume, let us remember this is not written for the alchemist or his instructions or for the Masterís handbook.  It is more for the purpose that the Masters might use it to give a prospective Priest of his Order, that he might understand through gaining a feeling regarding the underlying principles which are often spoken of in books of metaphysics and related to, by many philosophers.


    In fact, many principles of this more preponderous work in its real form are related to by the great Master Jesus Christ.


    The story is told that a scientist while at work discovered by accident one day, while watching some crystals take on various different combinations of forms, groups of triangles, that they formed a circle instead of an indefinite group, and he realized that he had been thinking about some of the philosophical principles and in his mind had visualized a circle and wondered if they could form into a circle or other forms.


    He immediately in his mind visualized a bird, and thinking that this might be a test as to the purity of thought of his mind and if he could hold it, he would have an answer to a great principle.  Finally the crystals in drying on the glass grouped themselves into a mass that looked like a bird in flight.


    After seeing the results of this rather crude but immediately responsive change in the crystalsí grouping, he then visualized many other objects such as flowers, trees, and faces.  Then he thought to himself, ďI wonder if the figure of a human being can be transferred in such a means?Ē And so it was that he visualized a woman dressed in an old-style costume, and last of all a cross.


    The results which he attained through this simple experiment, discovered as he did, convinced him that all crystals and all of the chemicals were brought together by the effect on them of the Divine Mind or lords of form, and further experiments were conducted.


    Now the latest discovery, if one could call it so, is that not only of crystals, but the electrons which composed the atoms of the crystals are formed through mind control.


    Our scientist friend learned later that if you leave crystals and chemical elements alone and do not try to control them by your thought, they will follow a universal law, and form themselves into the forms in which the Creator, or Universal Consciousness, intended.


    Unfortunately he did not attempt to carry this finding of Universal Mind or Consciousness and how it affected all crystals, all electrons of matter of the universe, out in this same means.


   We know there are two minds, or two manifestations should we say, of Universal Mind controlling all the elements in the universe.


    First there is a Universal Consciousness of mind that will manifest through certain laws which were established in the beginning of Creation.  These are what we call the immutable laws of the universe; those laws that are fixed in the Universal Consciousness of Creation.  And whenever there is no interference or no special application of our attention to the Universal Consciousness, these laws are fulfilled by every element of matter that exists in this solar system.


    It is true that there is a creative power of the mind of man which is a part of the Universal Creative Intelligence and Power and this mind power can affect elements of the universe by applying to manís own wish the function of these universal laws and making these elements obey.  


    The Spirit of god, His Personality, that is the Spirit He Creates, is such that the essence throughout the universe will form electrons automatically by cohesion in accordance with this original law and way which He created.


    But let us look into the crystal ball of manís imagination and remember that man can exert his mind in such a way that the laws of the Creative Consciousness of the Creator can cause more electrons to be formed or to form in the spirit which he exudes around or within him, and this way he may create a number of new electrons with a different characteristic to have them associate with other electrons and to form the beginning of an atom which he knows not the content and characteristics of.


    If a manmade atom has started to form, made by the Power and the Spirit and the Word given by God to man, which gives him his choice, and it is to manifest some particular particle of matter, then we have a new creation which might in some ways oppose the basic forms of Creation.


    As man proceeds to use his creative mind in bringing together new electrons in the Spirit Essence around or in him, he is creating in the Spirit Essence electrons that nature or Divine Consciousness did not form.  And perhaps with Godís Intelligence he would not have formed.


    In these processes of man, man takes on the full responsibility unto himself and the power of creating something not independent of the Cosmic, but independent of the cosmic form and plan.  As man uses the creative powers of the Cosmic Mind and consciousness to create these electrons and is making them at a time or under a condition or form, group, determined by his own mind, these elements, these electrons created by him through his thought power, will have the substance of his intelligence interfere that was in his mind, in the mind of man who created them.  And they take on a certain style and nature and causal reaction in accordance with and to the degree of human intelligence, instead of having only the Cosmic Intelligence, and therefore affect other elements around them.


    Let us sum up this totally: the electrons thus formed by man may act differently and form a different manifestation in nature than do the electrons of the original Creation.  They also may form in accordance with what the person who creates them has in mind.


    This principle is one which we know which supports how the healing of manís body takes place by use of these laws under the impact of our use of His Will, and if it is an unnatural pattern which we are creating, it might be the cause of disease.  For we have said that many things might be created within manís own body as well as outside.


    Man can create new tissues, new bone and new blood in his body through the use of his mind, just as he can create new forms outside of his body by the proper bringing together of the electrons from the Spirit Essence.


    This is a most surprising and startling discovery to man.  It explains many of the wonders of miracles that have been performed in the past and opens up to this homosapien principle, man, a new field of investigation and scientific study which we hope our Priests will cogitate on and think on in their spare time.


    No one can tell you how to use your mind to create things, but we can say this, that it is necessary to have in your mind very accurately and keenly a picture of exactly what you want to do, what you want to create and why, so that its moving function, if it has one, will also be seen and visualized by yourself.


    The next step of course would be that you must have developed your will power by sitting in concentration, knowing that you will think only what you want to think by motivating, through will, creative power in you to manifest itself as you have predetermined and visualized.  Some of these things are just natural mental power which you have used in other ways, but you would have to work with them step by step until you would have learned to use them as you would a set of carpenterís tools, with the same deftness.


    One of the things that would be necessary for you to learn to use control of your mind, you would have to force out of your mind and out of your consciousness all the things that you did not want to occur and you would have to force out of your consciousness a beam of power as if you were mentally pushing it out of yourself toward whatever you expected to react, be it matter or another human being.


    This is part of the sum total of simplicity and the magnificence of man which God the Father has created.


    I believe with the aforegoing introduction a Priest may see and know how fundamentally important it is that he keep himself and his mind pure, and the mind especially of the Teacher, where he is instructing his student in the ways of Godís Creation.


    If we also look at the above statement and some of the adverse things which people do even though they be Priests, we can readily understand some of the confusion created within the mind of the student and thus reap chaos where joy and happiness should abide.

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