Book of Alchemy


Chapter 8


    He who seeks among the Masters will find an abundance of exemplars.  But of them all, the most conclusive, universal, profound, simple and succinct was Jesus, the lowly carpenter from Nazareth of Galilee.


   It was He, Who in this dispensation, was the first to achieve complete mastery over the carnal body and the environment of earth. He was at the same time, the first to return to the perfect harmony and at-one-ment with the Indwelling Christ Spirit of the Father.


    In the roll as Teacher and Way-shower, Jesus instructed after the Order of Melchizedec, who many centuries earlier had initiated the pattern for the teachings for spiritual restoration and regeneration through Spirit communication.


    Jesus taught and demonstrated "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" leading to self-mastery and spiritual enlightenment.  The "Way of the Spirit" in man far transcends such good or morality as can even at best be achieved by following the enactments of secular laws, however just and however moral they may be on any planetary level.


    The spirit is "overcoming and fulfilling," but the statues and laws of man can only at best but stem the tide of evil. Man may seek to counter-balance evil, but this can in no wise eliminate it.  The idea of "an eye for an eye" may repress or check evil, but the Love expressed through Spirit resolves the disorder through Absolute Forgiveness, which alone can break the perpetuation of sin, error and evil.


    In the law of man, there can be no assurance or likelihood that the inclination for retaliation, vengeance or hate may be destroyed in consequence of its judgments.


    On the other hand, true forgiveness is of the Love that can hold no grudge, hope for no retaliation, nor entertain any despiteful wishes toward those who commit acts of sin, evil, error or harm, -- regardless of the motives or of the sufferings inflicted. Love reacts to each entity with forgiveness, compassion, forbearance, and understanding, -- knowing that ignorance is the cause of error. Illumination dispels all shadows.


    The spirit of god is the life-essence sequestered within each human being, for the "duration of existence" in the realms of "time and phenomena."  It is called the christ spirit which Jesus referred to as the "Father within."  Despite the great significance of this simple fact, most people have become lost to it, because they are almost totally absorbed by the allurements of the curiosity-imaginings of the lower consciousness, and the thralldom of "flesh, sense, and materiality."


    In very early times, it was still possible for beings to rather freely attune and communicate with the world of Spirit. As man engrossed himself into materiality, the veil between “heaven and earth” has considerably thickened, so that at best, he may see only as “through a glass darkly,” as Paul put it.


    To restore the attunement to Spirit, the Christ Spirit (channeling through the Master Jesus) inaugurated the technique by which any person, willing to sufficiently desire it, might become awakened from the shadows and clouds of forgetfulness.


    Through His teachings and demonstrations, Jesus became the symbol as the “door,” the “way,” the “truth,” and the “light” to the people fallen in the bondage of that waywardness and distortion of consciousness that had lowered all men to their benighted state.  The way was shown how all people might be regenerated through the will, desire, and attunement of rightness to the True Spirit Consciousness.


    The unique technique for entering the path of restoration is revealed through the teachings, directions, instructions, laws and commandments expounded expressly in the Sermon on the Mount.  It teaches the technique for implementing Spiritual Law through the mechanics of simple rules, which assure the transition from the benighted fallen state, to the Illumination of Spiritual Consciousness.  This was indeed most marvelous and merciful for sadly sunken man, gone in the way of waywardness, distortion, illusion and the hypnotic dream-trance of unreality.


    If followed truthfully, the Sermon teachings will lift the candidate from the enslavement of distortion-consciousness, to a harmonious relationship with Spirit by which the True Consciousness is restored.


    We learn therefrom, that we, in fact, incur no actual incrimination, and no punishment from the past “ideas” and “deeds.”  They become “dead” and “buried”, therefore, with the dead.  As soon as the True Consciousness is attained, then it is realized that the everlasting Love of God is ever-present, -- and becoming aware of it immediately blots out all “past.”


   True Spirit Consciousness knows no past, no future, but only the ever-present now of complete “timelessness.”  Careful reflection will reveal that “time” is but sluggish outer consciousness-thought, which insists on measuring all thought impressions and expressions, segmented in spans, considered as beginning, development and fulfillment.


    The carnal-material state permits this most markedly, but it is decreasingly so in the higher realms.  On the low level, we have most separated ourselves in consciousness from the all-pervading, all-encompassing Eternal Consciousness of the ever-present, never-changing “now.”  To escape from that “relativity” fixation, Jesus formulated a process and procedure which he actually lived out and demonstrated, so it became factual and scientific – not merely theoretical.


    It is summed up in the seven-fold acts of Jesus’ life, as follows:   


The Birth into the physical body;


The Awakening to Spirit, while yet in the body;


The initiation or Anointing of the Spirit Consciousness;   


The testing or Temptations of the awakened Higher Self, during its functioning in the sensual body, with its worldly intellectual mind;


The Crucifixion, or complete subjugation or sacrificing, or yielding to the lower self and its worldly body/mind;


The Resurrection, or restoration of the Higher Self, in complete attunement with its Spirit Consciousness;


And, lastly, the Ascension, or lifting up of the entire Being to the realm of Pure Spirit Consciousness.


      No other Master before or after could have done more, albeit later ones should have aided in Jesus’ program by being able to give more realizable teachings in keeping with advanced growth of consciousness developed in the world.


    The Ten Commandments cannot, in any way, be compared to the above.  Jesus said He came to “fulfill the old laws.”  The meaning was that because they were not complete in some spiritual details, they thus fell short in the possibility of effecting the necessary change.


    So we see that the Spirit and the Laws, and the Principles must be based only on Spiritual truth.  It must be so, since God is one – the same for all people, all races and all nations, bar none; therefore, His Truth and His Perfection cannot be devious.


    The process of restoration and regeneration actually begins when the individual cleanses his own heart and mind of all malice, of all unclean thought, of all evil desires, and of all physical and lower attachments.  Then he finds that to give Love and Forgiveness becomes a real need to him.


    It is learned that one must genuinely forgive himself before he can truly accept the forgive- ness of others.  It follows, too, that when one has become able to sincerely forgive himself, he can then sincerely forgive others.  Full and reciprocal forgiveness does, in fact, cancel out error.  The effects of the error may still bear some repercussions, but they will have no power to cause further error in the individuals who repent and forgive.


    The moment one takes the Spirit of Love and Forgiveness into his own heart and mind, broken is the circuit that otherwise perpetuates falsity, evil, and discord.


    Individual initiative of right desire cuts off the power that wrong desire gives to evil.  The process of drying up evil in the world depends on individual initiative and desire.  It cannot be legislated, and it cannot be enforced, nor can it occur by fiat or miracle.


    In accepting and following the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, one is transformed out of the nature of petty and greedish self-interest, conflicting with the True Spirit and Consciousness, to Spiritual wholesomeness.  The veils of Maya, and the illusion-fixations in the hypnotic trance of the wayward consciousness will melt away, and the True Reality-Consciousness will again appear in focus.


    One is surprised with the awareness that one’s true self had remained unaffected or unmoved from its True State .  Only the “shadow” of self had been about its wayward play in the worlds of “outer creation” to experience the dramas of existence in numerous states of conditions of dreams within dreams, in complexity and confusion. 


    When the Self is drawn back into the self, the Consciousness withdraws from the state of “time, substance, and relativity;” and, then, the entire experience in existence will have the impression as a mere flash of thought in the Consciousness of Self….a sort of momentary musing in a twilight of Consciousness.


    True Christianity should adhere strictly to the study and fulfilling of the Teachings; and, by no means should it be given to Jesus Idolatry.  He had made it abundantly clear that all praise, all obeisance, and all worship belongs exclusively to the Father (“For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory forever.”)


    All of the spirit, the life, and substance proceed from him….and Jesus is not that “him.”  One man, as Jesus or anyone else, may “represent” the total man, but of course, he cannot be the total man, except that he attain to the “Consciousness of the Total man”….as each of us also can, and ultimately must, attain.  Because Jesus achieved this Consciousness, He became the “Wayshower” for the rest of us.  He showed us, therefore, how to dispel the elements of error, ignorance and darkness, - to escape from illusions and trammels of all that is transitory.


    The Master had presented Himself only as the “messenger,” the “instrument,” “vehicle,” or “channel” of the Christ Spirit being expressed through Him.  He said, “I can of mine own self do nothing; as I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just; because I do not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.”  (John 5:30)


    We have said repeatedly, that Jesus presented Himself as a man – a human being.  That He was, indeed, but He was by no means ordinary, for He had achieved such great spiritual awareness that He had been chosen and sent as a special emissary to perform his mission.


    Because He was ready for that great work, it fell upon Him to do it.  He was actually sent as a deliberate act and will of the Father.  He became the first human being of this present civilization to be “reborn” into the fullness of spirit; and, so, He had become the first man to be “glorified.”


    At that moment, He was the only man born of woman to become the “only (first) begotten Son of God.”  We must all be reborn; we must all be glorified and we must all be begotten of the Father (perfect at-one-ment).


    Jesus came on a voluntary mission to perform as a direct channel between the Perfect Seventh Plane and Mankind on earth, which has been caught in the fixations of ignorance, error, and the illusions of “creation.”


    It was the unique spiritual genius of Jesus which assembled and organized the Wisdom Teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, that was to enlighten the world and to bring freedom to the victims of the prison-house of Maya.


    There is no greater need than freedom, -- freedom from all error, all distortion, all waywardness, and illusions of the life of empty, worthless shadow. To this end came Jesus. And, to this end, He serves His life demonstrations, His teachings, and the great Sermon on the Mount.


    We must not be lured any longer by the glittering temptations of the lower mind and flesh.  And, we must not be persuaded by the allurements and promises of any of the worldly institutions, organizations – the churches, the governments, the educational institutions, or any of the economic interests.


    Freedom means escape from all of the deceits of these groups.  “The Way, the Truth, and the Life” of Jesus is the key available to everyone who will but freely accept.


    The God-like mercy, love and forgiveness of the Wisdom Teachings of the Christ, must, at long last, replace all and any human connivings, vain sophistries, and endless compromises that can give no relaxation, relief or liberation from our shadowy existence.  “For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”  (John 1:17)


    The world is particularly in a dire state of crisis.  We are only a trigger-point away from complete world destruction, should any one of the nations punch the panic button.  Our civilization has never been so sick with confusion, tension, anxiety, distrust, hate, violence, hypocrisy, and relentless greed.


    Yet, if the earth and its contents were destroyed, only the staging of the life of shadows would be disrupted until another be formed out of its ashes.  Though a calamity, it would be of no real import, except that such a destruction in violence would terribly scar all souls with such traumatic shock as to enormously retard the awakening process of the shadowy self, unto its true being.


    Thus, all who are “asleep” in the dream world of the shadows, would be stunted in that state for a longer period than need be.  For this reason, then, the insane destruction, even of this world in “Outer Creation,” must be prevented.


    Only the Spirit of Love, implemented into the daily life on every level, can best motivate the world and its people to true freedom.


    Each individual must start in the regenerated process of his own wish, will and accord.  As each individual seed sprouts into a blade of grass, soon the field is covered with the whole carpet of green.  The seeds of Love must grow, encompass and transform the world.




    “Genesis,” a Greek word for “beginning,” is the first of five books, (that is what the Greek word, “Pentateuch” means), which tell of the beginning of the universe, of man, of the Jewish people and its choice by God as especially His own.  The Pentateuch begins with the earth, formless and void, and ends with Moses dying. 


    The compilers had for their use, three main bodies of written material, called for convenience, E, J, and P, - the Elohist in which the word for God is Elohim; the Jahwist in which the word is Yahweh; the Priestly, which provides most of the liturgical and ritual and legislative sections of the Pentateuch.


    In the study of the first three chapters, it is the P and J we meet.  The first chapter is Priestly, with God as Elohim.  Chapters 2 and 3 are (J) Yahwist, with God as Yahweh-Elohim (J sometimes uses Elohim, but only He uses Yahweh.)  The Elohist comes in with Abraham.


    The generally accepted view is that J came out of the Southern Kingdom, Judah, between 925 and 700; E out of the Northern, Israel, somewhat later.  J and E, which cover roughly the same history, had already been brought together before P got to work on them – probably after the destruction of the Northern Kingdom in 722, possibly during the reign of Josias.


    The high god of Canaan was El.  And the word, Elohim, adopted by the Jews as their generic term for God, was Canaanite.  So was El Elyon (“God most High”), used of God by Abraham.  So was El Shaddai, “God Almighty,” or God of the mountain, the name by which we read that God called Himself, then making covenant with Abraham.  In the Canaanite pantheon, El yielded supremacy to the dynamic younger god, Baal.


    In the first chapter, God is Elohim.  In the next two Yahweh-Elohim.  Some think this Elohim was not in the original.  For, in the next seven chapters, from Adam to Abram, God is Yahweh.


    Elohim means simply, “god,” a kind of common noun.  The root is “El,” used for “god” by Semitic peoples, generally.  Elohim, the special word of the Hebrews, is peculiar in itself, since it is plural in form (from Eloah), but when used for the One God, takes a verb in the singular.  This usage had begun with the Canaanites.  To give a word of exceptional richness, a plural form while keeping the meaning singular, was also done with “blood” and “life,” as well as “god.”


    Yahweh is a proper noun, the personal name of the Elohim of the Jews.  There is argument as to the meaning of the word.  It is a form of the verb, “to be” – that is generally assumed, but nothing else is.  The likeliest meaning seems to be “i am.”  It is the first word of the phrase “Yahweh ashur Yiweh,” God said to Moses, “Yahweh ashur Yihweh,” “say to the people of Israel , Yahweh has sent me to you.”


    Primitively, the Jews may have seen Yahweh as essentially their god, - each people had its Elohim, theirs was more powerful than the others.  They came to know that Yahweh is Elohim, but a genuine distinction remained in their minds, not unlike the distinction between the words, “Christ,” and “Jesus.”


    Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed, expresses the nature and function; when the Christ came into the world, his personal name was Jesus.  Only slowly does the word, “Christ,” too, become a personal name.


    Similarly, Elohim is God, transcendent, omnipotent – the Creation of the whole Universe is His Work – the first chapter of Genesis is all of Elohim.  Yahweh is His personal name, to be used of God as personally experienced – as present to His chosen people, or to chosen individuals.


    Yet, the distinction is not cast-iron.  Eve says at Seth’s birth: “Elohim has appointed me for another child.”  Enoch walked with the Elohim after the birth of Methuselah.  Noah found favor with Yahweh.  Jacob at Bethel, (the house of El), made his vow: “If Elohim will be with me….Yahweh shall be my Elohim.”  Gen. 28:20


    It is Elohim which survives in Christian usage.  We pray to God and speak of God as “God,” only rarely and rhetorically as Jehovah, (an odd coined word), never as Yahweh – probably because it meets no present need.


    A special function of a name is to distinguish one individual from another of the same nature or species.  With monotheism so established, that polytheism does not exist even as a memory in us, the individual name lost its point.  “God” was sufficient.  There is only one.


    “In the beginning:” the Hebrew word is “bereshith,” a strong word; not just any beginning, it goes to the root of something that matters.  The writer might not have been thinking of origin in time, a first moment before which there was time and no universe.  The words need mean no more than that the world owes its origin to God, all that it has is by His gift.  Dependence is the point, rather than origin.


    The forming of man of dust from the ground – the verb used is “Yasar,” the potter’s verb.  “Has the Potter no right over the clay….?”  Rom. 9:20


  Yet, it is not certain that the image of the potter is what the Genesis author had chiefly in mind.  The word he used is not “clay”, but “earth” or “soil,” and this seems not to be a mere verbal chance.


    He uses the word “adamah,” which means earth, and which gives a reason for calling the first man Adam.  Adam was dust and was to return to the dust, was to till the earth of which he was made, was to multiply and fill the earth.


    Clay would not have fitted any of these.  Symbolism of earth and clay is different.


    Clay suggests the potter and his wheel, and to that extent, ends in itself; it figures the mode of the making, but tells nothing of the being that is made.


    Earth emphasizes man’s kinship with all that is.  “All men are from the ground, and Adam was created of the dust.”  (Sir. 33:10)


    Though made in God’s image and likeness, man is not a stranger imposed upon the universe from outside.  It is very much as Christ, though the only-begotten Son of God, is not outside humanity, but belongs fully in it.


    God is called Yahweh-Elohim in these chapters.  Only once outside them, perhaps a copyist’s slip.  Genesis I and Genesis II do not give different accounts of the Creation; they are talking of two different matters.  Genesis I of the Creation of the Universe; and Genesis II of the making of Man.


    The first said the “heavens and the earth;” the second reversed the order and said, “the earth and the heavens.”  Genesis I told what man is like; Genesis II told what he is made of.


    The word, “Elohim” already used for the gods of the pagans before the shattering discovery that Yahweh was Elohim and Elohim, Yahweh, continued to be applied to them.  And, not only to them, but to beings less than the one God – to angels, judges, rulers, anyone whose functions were godlike.


    The Spirit of God, Ruah Elohim, moving across the face of the waters: Ruah means both “wind” and “spirit.”  But, grammatically, Elohim could be either the possessive of the noun “of God,” or an adjective “godlike.”


    Animation by God’s breathing into man is only in Genesis; the myths know nothing of it.  God took earth, shaped it, breathed upon it, and man was alive.  “When Thou takest away Thy breath, they die and return to their dust.”  (Psalm 104:20)


    God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.  Later, the animals, too, were spoken of as living souls; the phrase simply meant “living beings.”


    Tree of life


    The Babylonians had at the eastern entry of heaven, two trees, of Truth and of Life.  The Genesis changed the name of one, to the Tree of Knowledge of good and Evil; the other, the Tree of Life, was a standard item in the mythologies.


    In all religions, the near East, Scandinavia, the Druids, and in Australia, trees signified Nature’s ceaseless power to renew herself.  The idea of a tree as a channel or principle of life at the center of the universe – as this one “in the midst of the garden” – is found all over the world.


    The Scandinavians had a tree known as Voluspa, “the tree set up in wisdom, which grows down to the bosom of the earth.”  The Sumarian epic of Gilgamesh, (the name which means, “he who experienced all”), is concerned with the hero’s search for a tree or herb to make him immortal.


    The sacred Tree of Life is mentioned only once in the Old Testament, to vanish from the story.  Thus, it is met again only in the heavenly Jerusalem, in the last Book of the New Testament: “In the midst of the street of the City, and on either side of the river, was the Tree of Life, and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”  


Does this mention of it in the Garden mean that the Yahwist saw man as meant by God, to escape death?  The penalty God attaches to the eating of the other tree suggests it.  If so, its vanishing is sufficiently accounted for – Adam did sin, and the Tree of Life was not for him.  It must await the coming of One who conquers, where Adam failed – “to him I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the Paradise of God.”


    As for guessing the variety of fruit meant by the apple – Genesis does not speak of an apple.  The word is fruit, - fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Why was the name of the Tree changed from the Babylonian Tree of Truth?  What did the Knowledge of good and evil mean to him?  It may have been one of those pairs of opposites, like heaven and earth – a way of saying, “everything.”  As when Absalom speaking “neither good nor bad,” is not speaking at all.  (II Sam. 13:33)


    Again, the word for the Ark which Noah entered was the same word used for the basket in which the infant Moses was launched on the Nile.


The classification of matter



    A homogeneous substance is one which is perfectly uniform in composition.  These are sometimes called pure substances.


    Most materials we encounter in everyday life are said to be “impure” or heterogeneous, or mixtures.  These are mixtures of pure substances.  For example, rocks, wood, cement, etc.


    A compound is a pure substance which may be broken down or decomposed into two or more simpler substances.  Water, for example; sugar and salt.  (Sugar, by heat into carbon and water.)


    Those things which have not been decomposed into simpler substances by ordinary chemical means, are called elements.


    These include iron, copper, gold, sulphur, tin, oxygen and hydrogen – 98 in all, to date.  Compounds are made up of a combination of these elements.  Sugar, for example is a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  Water is composed of the elements hydrogen and oxygen. H2O.


    Partial Interpretation of the Symbol:


    The entire symbol described, seems to be of a “first-ray” nature, and is representative of the Destructive Agency, and is to be considered characteristically, Yin, in flavor.


    In the Yin-Yang itself, here is seen the process of, or method of Integration of the two, apparently conflicting, elements.  Broadly termed masculine (yang), and feminine (yin), these two are automatically bound together by the seed of growth which is in the vertical direction upon the Cross, to become manifest in the silver Circle of Unity, bondage or affinity.


    Orange is here, the color of positive Yang, while Purple is the color of negative Yin.  The two serpents, Ida and Pingali, are shown here in apparent conflict as they race around the circle of bondage in opposite directions.  With these two influences in life, the Traveler (aspirant) is thrown from one extreme to the other.


    On the one hand, he is attracted by the Yang-aspect of experience, and alternately repelled by the Yin-aspect on the other hand.  Just as physically on the earth, a balance is maintained between the gravitational and the centrifugal forces, he is naturally impelled toward growth by these, Yin and Yang; for, neither of them is worthy without the other.


    This seed-impulse for growth is within the base of the Cross, the area of materiality.  As the lower self is crucified, the individual consciousness is raised into the realm of the Circle of Unity.


    This is also synonymous with the application of the Lotus illustration and the Tree.  One may be inclined to admire the beauty of the Lotus flower as it graces the stem and green pad, but he has ignored its vital roots, - mud and water – where the illusion of disorder seems.


    Eventually, he must acknowledge the portion of the plant below the surface, for the Tree itself proclaims with rumbling force from the domain of roots, “I, too, Am The Tree.”  Then, Yin can no longer be ignored.


   For the moment, the Traveler may become enmeshed in roots, overwhelmed by the seeming negative force which, in reality, gives the tree its very beauty, and hold the Lotus alive, above the water.  This root-complex is also depicted below the water line, or bar of materiality, on the Cross; and, the latent form of the Venus Insignia is hidden therein.


    The inverted yellow triangle represents light from the Intuition, which can be sensed by the Traveler as it shines downwards along the green leg of the Swastika, a pathway which pierces through the conflict of Yin and Yang to open the door of Intuition.  This green axis will be considered symbolic of Service or Renunciation.  Hence, it appears in the East corner and implies: “Lead me from darkness to Light.”  


     With this dawning Light, the tides change, and it is seen clearly the roots of the Lotus, that they in the mud below the surface are unmanifest, incomplete and purposeless without the Flower above the water.


    The negative energy is released along the spine of the Cross, so that it travels into the heart of the Circle of Unity, and the positive Yang element is apparent once again, in the South area.  This stage of the journey is termed:  “Lead me from the unreal to the Real.”


    With greater Light, a second pathway is given to pierce through the chaos of Yin and Yang; the remaining leg of the Swastika is Red, the color of Courage.  Courage culminates in the upper West, where an upright triangle can be found to represent selfless devotion or spiritual dedication.  This image relates to the mantra: “Lead me from death to Immortality.”


    Here, the two serpents can be seen to emerge from the Circle of Bondage to the circle of Unity.  This combination of Intuition on the Right and Devotion on the Left, has transmuted the chaos of the North into beauty – individual Illumination – as shown in the Eyes and Crowns belonging to the Swans, hitherto serpents.


    The Golden Crown, or Infinity insignia, is symbolic of the growth, “from the personal to the Universal”; and the Dot above it (beyond it) represents “from the universal to the Cosmic.”


    The goal is to transmute one habit into another, adequate, better habit.  With the former pattern, its nature and basis shall be thoroughly understood and defined.  Wherever energy supports its existence, that energy shall be applied by conscious transference to the more desirable image.


 I.   A pattern of improvement is designed, selected, or understood intellectually to take the new place.

II.  The old habit or pattern is chosen and dissected; its energy is taken note of and transferred to support the new.


“Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master.”


    Beginning to work along these lines:

    1.  The Creative Orientation:

a.  Consciousness of the Inner Voice, the Master Soul, and the Group Soul.  Telepathic instruction.


b.  Visualization Power is developed.  Worthy objects or states, such as the Lotus, are held in the mind, and it becomes possible quickly to formulate new concepts with which to replace inferior ones.

c.  Charitable action is borne in mind continuously, and is capable of dissipating glamour.  Service work during meditation provides the basis for understanding.


    2.  The Reconstruction:

a.  Energy is constantly being transferred with the given swords (transmuted), to the attitude described in number 1.


b.  Where emphasis was upon unkind thought-forms, and these may have been suppressed, hereby gathering greater energy; the emphasis will begin to shift to universal positive love and creative acceptance and kindness; forgetfulness.


c.  Where the focus was centered upon perceived images, personality influences and other limiting formations, the Ideal concepts will replace all limited thought-forms.  Ego is to become identified with the Perfected Ideal, wholly, and universal reflections will supplant distortions or limitations.


    Miscellaneous notes:


   The personal (the Personality), is to become the vehicle, (and is secondary), to the spiritual (for the Divine manifestation.)    


    Before tearing down an old vehicle, (pattern), provide the replacement – an adequate and better step or place – then will the old be relinquished.


    Sending the Light to accomplish necessary offices:


Simply permit the conditions (desired or necessary) to exist; hold the positive mind outfacing. 


Put out the request.  Allow things to transpire; in routine activity, focus the attention elsewhere.


Effortlessness is the key, as always.


In apparent failure events: Ask not, “Why am I limited?”, but, determine: “What limited me?”


    The Sword of Cold Blue Steel


is wielded by the Ego on the mental plane to eliminate thought forms which bear no importance.  It is a two-edged, sharp sword of discrimination; symbol of justice; fulcrum of balance (values) scales.


    The Sword of Renunciation


is a double-bladed axe used (primarily in connection with the physical plane), on anything which holds Self from the goal.  Symbol of detachment.


When there is anything less than that which you are seeking, sacrifice it; use it for fuel to attain higher goals.


Replace the old attributes with a new, positive attribute.


    The Sword of Spirit

is used to cut away obstacles interfering with the group.




I am one with my group brothers, and all that I have is theirs.  May the Love which is in my Soul pour forth to them.  May the strength which is in me lift and aid them.  May the thoughts my Soul creates, reach and encourage them.



         Mantra formulas relative to the Cube:


I.  “Lead me from darkness to Light.


….toward group feeling

….of new, positive astral conditions

….effect is integration into the ashram

….formula of revelation


Secondary effect is the point within the circle.

Circle is the ashram; point is the master source.

With use of this, one learns to create in Light.


(I)  is relative to the east; to the creative process,

       to birth, to the building of patterns.


II.  “Lead me from the unreal to the Real.”


….to mind, the alignment with

     the Soul and its direct contact.

….group alignment.


Method learned from it, is to create in time and space.

(II) is relative to the south, and corrective correlation

of the energies within the patterns of (I).


III.  “Lead me from death to Immortality.”


….mantra of the Eternal Now.


a.  Knowledge converts to Wisdom.

b.  Sensitiveness converts to Love.

c.  (Sacrifice is) a bliss transcending time and space resulting from the triangular combination of A and B.


(III) is relative to the west.


IV.  “Lead me from chaos to Beauty.”


….relates to the life aspect, the

     jewel within the Egoic Lotus.

….birth of a spiritual body within, brings

     change in all 7 centers of the body;

     all focal points absorb lesser points

     beginning to function as creative

     focal points, rather than as receptive.


(IV) is relative to the north.


V.  “Lead me from the individual to the Universal.”


….Integration, relative to the period where

     mankind can go beyond the limits of form.

…..Liberation, relative also, to being able to

     work in two directions; i.e., to serve a

     spiritual function and a material

      function co-extent.


(V) is relative to the Will, in the center of the Cube.


“Lead me from the universal to the Cosmic.”


….negation of the destructive process of death.

….where one gets off the wheel.

….may control time and space consciousness.

….transcend the realm of effect.


    The stone that came out of Heaven at Mecca and claimed to be a sign from heaven was named “the Kaaba” which meant, “Cube.”  This is interesting because we have in the Christian Bible, the prophesy which declares and pictures the descending of the New Jerusalem out of Heaven, and it, too, was described as a cube.

    As numbers are expressed in Greek by letters, the numbers of a name is simply the sum of the numerical values of the letters it is composed of.

The numerical value of (graphic to the left) is 666. 


    Revelation 13:1, precise literary workmanship, elaborate puzzle basis, numerical values of certain Greek words, four symbols or beasts.


1)  A lamp, Seven Horns}

                                           Desous = becomes the conqueror

                    Seven Eyes} 


2)  Leopard with bears feet, lions mouth, seven heads, 10 horns.


3)  A Red Dragon, Seven Heads}

                                                             Devil or Satan

                               Ten Horns}


(A)  A beast with two horns like a lamp called Pseudo-Seer or false Teacher.


Of the four, the Leopard is particularly referred to as The Beast.




21 – Last Letter – World – Tav – Center – Electro Magnetic – Holy of Holies –

Indigo – (point) – Earth – Heb.

   1    Earth  =  ) Fool – “O” Aleph                =    Air; Life-breath

 40                   ) Hanged Man “12” Mem      =                    Water; Soul     

300                 ) Judgment “20” Shin             =           Fire; Holy Fire


400                 ) World “21” Tav                   =              Earth    +                









Yod – Heh – Shin –Vav – Heh = jesus



     3                                                      10

Empress       >                      tav            <               Wheel of Fortune


East –                                                                       West –




Back                                                                          Front 


Creative emanation




Right side           (16)    North from center to                         and 19 The South




North  =  Red                    =  4

                Yellow              =  8                             

                Green                = 11

                Yellow-Green   =  9


    The right thoughts, your sincerity, and your devotion will properly dedicate your environment and make it a powerful nucleus of Cosmic energy, because by the proper mood, you attract to it the right vibratory forces.  If you are inwardly skeptical, dubious, or impatient in the performance of your studies or your rituals, the atmosphere of your environment takes on this condition.


    It becomes filled with the distracting radiations of your own aura.  Instead of spiritual sublimity and the sense of regeneration you should feel, you will be depressed and irritable.  This is merely an example of creating your own environment.


    Once you create your environment by your thinking and your doing, be that environment elevating or depressing, your outer self is greatly affected by it.  The life you make, you live.  The environment you mentally create, you must physically accept.  This, we find, is the demonstration of the Law, “the body, a slave to the mind.”

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