Book of Alchemy


Chapter 6


    Matter varies in degree of vibration from gross earthly materiality to exceedingly rarefied essences found in the lower spheres of spirit.  There are seven general planes of consciousness.  They are: spirit, Individual Spirit, Soul, Mental, Etheric, Astral (substance of spiritual body), and Physical.   Spirit (the Father substance), is pure, perfect and whole.


    Conditionality begins on the Soul plane (two levels removed from pure spirit), and increases in “materiality” until it becomes physical and gross in the planetary realm.  As materiality increases, spirituality control decreases; as spirituality increases, consciousness increasingly clarifies, shedding the veils of illusion one by one until it returns to the Perfect Illumination with and in pure spirit.  We use the terms, "realms," “planes,” and “states,” interchangeably in this paper.


    As the wanderer passes into, through, and out of these planes, he takes on a “body” appropriate to the plane with which he associates himself, and lastly followed by the physical or carnal body, if by free will he chooses to explore “existence” to that level.


    Each “drop” away from pure spirit, we call a “fall.”  Each fall accrues another form of body.  At the material plane, therefore, he will have accumulated a body from each plane through which he had passed.


    He begins his descending journey with a Spiritual body, or electrical structure, and as he descends, he activates his Soul-body, which is around the self, Mental Body or Mind of the Soul, Etheric Body – which is some of the elements that react in the Blood.  The Astral body is the matter or stuff that fills the electrical structure.


    Then, on the ascension, he drops them one at a time, and thus, discards the body unique to each plane from which he departs.  The descent is in six “falls” – i.e., Spirit, Soul, Mental, Etheric, Astral, and Physical.  On the other hand, the ascension is taken in seven steps, i.e., Physical, Astral, Etheric, Mental, Soul, Spirit, and spirit.


    Before the wanderer drops from Spirit to Soul, its only body is of Spirit, but when it has fallen all the way to the physical level, it then possesses an accretion of every one of intervening bodies.


    The Spirit-body is the first one to be assumed and the last one to be eliminated.  The physical body is the last one to be taken and the first one to be discarded.


    The inherent Spirit-body pervades all accrued bodies.  It is the carrier of the spirit-life-consciousness, and provides the eternal link with the great spirit – the father – the great consciousness.


     This all-pervading Life Essence of Spirit is also called, lord, kristos, christ, atman, teh, etc.  When the wayfarer focuses his consciousness on this spirit of god, called Christ, he discovers “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.”


    When Jesus uttered these words, it was by the spirit and power of the Christ Spirit Within to which He had consciously attuned, and which is likewise possible to every man.


    Referring to those who set themselves upon the Inner Path of Spirit, Isaiah said: “And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The Way of Holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it shall be for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein.”  Isaiah 35: 8.


    This is the “way” every individual must eventually take.  It is the way of the “return” to True Consciousness in attunement with the one great consciousness, from the realms of Illusion.


    The fall of Consciousness into the “other beingness” separated from the perfect at-one-ment with the one, is the natural consequence of the free will influencing its consciousness to curiously experiment and explore ideas not in perfect accord with the spirit of the great consciousness which knows only perfect consciousness.  


    Free Will permits departure from Perfection; but, in so doing, another realm must be provided within the Great Black Void for such ideas of the monad’s consciousness to “exist” in and have its being.


    Within this realm, the “creation” of all the “outer” worlds are manifested.  The Spirit of Self assertion created all that is in manifestation because the wayward expression of the free will of many of the monads chose it as a “place” and “condition” in which to operate, since no distortion or “condition” can find expression in the realm of reality and pure consciousness.


    Any state apart from the Perfect is, by its nature, to be called a “fallen” state.


    The Bible refers particularly to the fall of Adam and Eve; but it will be seen that the “self” that has reached the earth had to make six consecutive “falls,” not just one.  That fall symbolized by Adam and Eve was but the last of the falls in the series of sex.  It was the fateful fall into earthly matter.


    Adam means, “red earth,” and the Smith Bible Dictionary states “the creation of Man (in the earth-carnal form) was the work of the sixth day.”


    The clearer explanation is, however, that the fall was from the Astral plane to the Physical.  And, it was not the “sixth day of creation,” but the Sixth Plane below the realm of spirit, i.e. – gross physical matter in which the carnal form makes its appearance.


    Jesus: signifies the initiate who strives for the attunement with the “Christ” and takes on the image of the Kristos of the Sun.


    Christ: the name give to signify the Spirit of God, as described by the ancient Brahmins in Sanskrit, as it gives to the three aspects of Light, Life, Love, the reflection of the Father’s Will in these forces.


    Jesus christ: A title given to the initiate with the reality and realization, in maximum rapport, with spirit.


    Jesus christ achieved the perfect at-one-ment with the great spirit of the Father, alone can know and reveal the perfect teachings of liberation from the bondage of illusion.  The carpenter of Nazareth , Jesus, was the last to perform this role for mankind, on Earth thus far that we know of.


    One in spirit rapport has the authority to announce, as did Jesus:


“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me.  He has sent me to bring good news to the meek, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and to set the spiritual prisoners free.”  Isaiah


    One should overcome the lusts of the flesh and the vanities of the carnal mind.  This does not mean that you should not feel the movement of life, for it you do not, you have a block.  Feeling is not evil, it is not lust, it is the desire of the soul to build another body for another soul.  Things that make passion dirty, they are but things that are said alone or implied.  Pure desire may be for Christ, Flowers, God, or Man, another person.  It is not the passion that is impure, it is Man’s thoughts, acts, and his way of approach.


    Jesus was the first of all incarnated men of our time to have completed the re-atonement and re-attunement with the Indwelling christ spirit, and be thus, with the father, for which reason He could and did say, “The Father and I are One.”


    Jesus was rightly called, “the Son of God” and “The Christ.”  What He did, eventually, every man must do.


    Jesus was not god – He said not to worship Him.  He spoke with the nature of the Spirit of God, the Father.  It is most important to recognize and know that He, as we can and must, become “at-one” with God.


    Thus, the attunement is so harmonious and so perfect that the selfish, personal will is retracted so that the will of God alone is expressed through the individual.


    Jesus explicitly explained this attunement in John 14:10:


“Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me?  The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself; but the Father that dwelleth with me, he doeth the works.”


    Simple! but, we continue to understand the message in words only, but not in Spirit, which, if we do not understand in Spirit, we shall fail to perform in fact.


    Jesus had actually experienced all the states of “existence” and had mastered them by overcoming their hypnotic illusions.  He had become, thereby, the “pathfinder,” the supreme Examplar, and the way-shower for all who were to follow, which is to say – all mankind.  He had trod “the Way,” and found the Truth, and become the clear channel for the Life Force.


    Thus, He alone, then or now, can say, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  (John 14: 6)  The Truth teaching of Jesus, as Teacher, is the one and only “door” to the Christ within and to God, because those teachings are as perfect and comprehensive as we can grasp.


    Other teachings may complement His, but none can fully equal or supercede them.  No man is so high and mighty that he must not absolutely humble himself before those teachings when he becomes truly sincere and honest in his desire to reach his long awaited attunement with God the Father.


    We humbly strive here, to reach men with the desire to serve mankind.  Yet, this effort can no more than point the way.  The individual must accept of the Fountain of Truth, and experience the Reality of it.  No other person can assimilate the essence for him in any way.


    Emphatically and unequivocally, we assert that the Four Gospels in their pristine form, the most exacting spiritual compass given to this Age, if read with a sincerely open mind, greater clarity and depth of understanding is reaching all who are increasingly receptive to the Truth.


    The teaching of Jesus is the “door” to the awareness of Truth, Liberation, and reality.  He had become the “Chief” to connote preeminence in the path or restoration and purification.


    Contrary to many other claimants, there is only one way to re-enter the realm of reality, and Jesus unfolded, taught, and demonstrated it.


    The essential value is to be recognized in the achievements rather than in the personal name.  As a Master, Jesus brilliantly set down every vestige of egotism, selfishness, vanity, pride, and every form of sensuality.


    He had mastery over the lower consciousness and was guided by God the Father to formulate the technique and methodology of individual mastery over the common errors, falsehoods, and illusions, which keeps planetary man trapped in the allusion of separateness, from reality.


    The general formulary is to be found in the Sermon on the Mount.  Evidently, that sermon is not reproduced accurately or faithfully, due to the many limitations of recording; but, it is the best that we have.


    Truth is the key.  There can be but one truth – that is the Master Jesus.  Christendom has made a mockery of the spirit and teachings of Jesus.


    The Christian nations have certainly mastered the world industrially, commercially and scientifically, but it has long ago left the Spirit of Truth behind in the dust of its worldly powers and ambitions.


    He gave over to the Father to do works through His person and body, by making His own lower self willingly passive, and thereby, lovingly permitting the Father’s will be done “in earth as it is in heaven.”


    The Master Jesus appeared on the earth when the time was ripe for the “sowing of the seeds of truth and Light,” that mankind might be awakened from the thralldom and stupor of entrancement in the dream of phenomena.  Jesus lived the exemplary life pattern and inaugurated the most accurate and simplified plan directing man to the true path of Light, Life and Truth.


    He showed that by the correct understanding and application of desire and free will, the rebestowal of the True Consciousness would be achieved.  Being Himself in perfect rapport with the Indwelling Christ Spirit, Jesus was perfectly qualified to give the accurate directions to “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”


    There can be no purifications of the Self, if no appropriate measures are taken to eradicate the drossy veil of Allusion which gives, in effect, a lowly imitation of Reality.  The lower consciousness, too, is a very poor and diffused shadow of Spirit Consciousness.


    How does one proceed to awaken from the state of Maya and become extricated from the thralldom of the senses in matter?  Desire for truth and honesty is the beginning.  The Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount reveal that the simple, the humble, and sincere “attitude” must precede the work.  Jesus said:


“Blessed are they that mourn….” (recognize their spiritual loss)


“Blessed are the poor in spirit….” (but they shall return to the kingdom of heaven)


“Blessed are the meek….” (they are meek because they are honest and by the Great Law, they shall be given their due)


“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst….(their righteous desires and will, will be fulfilled)


“Blessed are the merciful…..the peace-makers….the pure in heart….the persecuted….” (all these indicate a sincere, honest and humble attitude of right desire and will, which is the needed foundation for the greater spiritual fulfillment that follows, as night, the day.)


    To be honest, is to be true, and to know the truth is the way to gain freedom from error, ignorance, and deception


    This freedom is achieved through deep and genuine introspection, reaching far into the Soul and Spirit, to the very presence of the Self, and to the Indwelling Christ Spirit Who will talk to you with the “quiet voice” of God.  Go directly to the Christ within, Who seeks always to be with you, if you will but open the door and let Him in.


    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you; for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.”  Matthew 7: 7,8


    Within the Living consciousness in every man is to be found the true “Word” of God written indelibly.  The quickened intuition will give testimony to its presence.  Unlike the interpolations of the Scriptures, the Truth written upon the “heart” of every Self cannot be touched by human hands to be adulterated, deleted, distorted, or changed in any way.


    False teaches can delude others only so long as the would-be victims fail to seek at the true source of Truth within their own heart and Soul.


    It was to be the false teachers that Jesus protested in no uncertain terms to wit:


“Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”  (Matthew 23:13)


    Of them later, when Jesus hung on the cross, to which they crucified Him, He cried out, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  (Luke 23:34)


    These were men, sincere, but so stricken with religious fervor and anxiety that they became blind to their aborting of the Spirit of Truth.  A separation is effected whereupon the Spirit of Truth is cut off, leaving nothing but a “dead” husk.


    Our false and foolish emotional zeal, then, holds us in the bondage of its unbecoming limitations.  The Spirit is still there, as it must always be, but locked up, as it were, behind the closed doors of the outer mind, succumbed to anxiety.  The erroneous actions that follow, stem from this innocent mistake.  In the Love of Spirit and Brotherhood, all must ultimately be forgiven.  Therefore, we say, “Praise be to the Spirit of God within us, for it certainly is not the nature of the outer man to forgive.”


    Our “possession” is of two kinds, i.e., spiritual and material.  Matter is the manifestation of Substance in the realm of phenomena, conditioned to ephemeral “time,” and set within the structure of polarity and relativity.


    We need only to climb up Jacob’s ladder to return matter to its Source.  We start by raising to the atomic, the atomic to the elements, the elements to electrical force fields, then energy is raised to Spirit Substance (Life-Essence), and that is raised to the primal source or spirit- consciousness.


    Thus, it may be seen that what “seems” to “feel” and “appear” to be substantial and solid on the physical plane, is, in fact, nothing but ideational thought forms set to the tune and vibration-producing energy congealed into elements, then to atoms, to molecules, and, lastly, to “matter.”


    The Teacher can, through his consciousness, control the elements with the power to materialize or dematerialize “matter” at will.  This power is never demonstrated for personal gratification or ostentation.  The works of Spirit are performed for spiritual purposes exclusively.  The motives of so-called miracle workers may easily be determined by the nature and purposes of their works.


    Each plane below spirit is structured by some vibrational degree (frequency) of Substance which is derived from the formulated energy waves of consciousness.


    This is to say, that all created manifestation of substance and matter has its Source of emergence from creative wisdom consciousness.


    Some call this divine mind; hence, they say, “All is Mind.”


  We see, then, why it is vain for us to “lay up treasurers on earth,” since they are but thought-forms that must ultimately perish with the passing of those thoughts…but Jesus said, “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth or rust corrupt, and where thieves do not break through to steal…”  (Matthew 6:20)  Focus of consciousness is the key.   


    How we focus out attitudes, attention, desire, and will, determines our motives toward vanity or spiritual fulfillment.


    Thus, while we are involved in the outer shell and movements of the “world” in which we presently dwell, how then shall we rise above and within the effect to the primal cause of it, of all?


    It is the recognition of the Living Spirit in us that will quicken us back to reality consciousness in spirit, at-one again with the father.


   Being the first begotten – the first reborn Son – of this dispensation, Jesus is thus our Elder Brother.


    Who would not, then, with utter gratefulness, also accept Him as Chief High Priest and Master of this Order?  Multitudes of beings still gestate in the womb of the outer worlds (the mother) while a few are suffering the pangs of rebirth.


    In that day, Jesus progressed to “the right hand of the Father,” but since then, others have also succeeded.


    The passage is from sleeping-death back to spirit-life-light, is steadily increasing with each passing day.


    Men of earth will have the way back to the Father become more likely.  The more that path is trod, the smoother does it become; and the better are the communicated directions and guides understood.


    Though we live at the very brink of annihilation, at the same time, the chances of great spiritual rebirth and illumination have never been so abundant.


    We cannot hate or be deliberately harsh with a single one of our brothers, no matter what his color, what his nationality, what his culture, or what he has ever done of the things we call evil.


    We are brothers, one and all, one in the Father, and our fullest happiness and joy can never be ours until every last one has joined us in our father’s house in the realm of perfect consciousness.


    Come, let us reason together, men of earth.  Let us break forever the bands of discord, and join in the eternal joys of unity.


    The great plan of god will and must be fulfilled, for it is of the design and wisdom of the father.


    The preparation for this work is simply this: to learn to cast away from thee all vile affections – all levity and inconsistency of mind; let all thy dealings be free from deceit and hypocrisy; avoid the company of vain young men; hate all profligacy, and profane speaking.


    Keep thy own, and thy neighbors’ secrets; court not the favors of the rich; despise not the poor; for he who does will be poorer than the poorest.


    Give to the needy and unfortunate what little thou canst spare; for, he that has but little, whatever he spares to the miserable, God shall amply reward him.


    Be merciful to those who offend thee, or who have injured thee; for, what must that man’s heart be, who would take heavy vengeance on a slight offence?  Thou shalt forgive thy brother until seventy times seven.


    Be not hasty to condemn the actions of others, lest thou shouldst, the next hour, fall into the very same error.  Despise scandal and tattling; let thy words be few.


    Study day and night, and supplicate thy Creator that He would be pleased to grant thee knowledge and understanding and that the pure spirits may have communication with, and influence in thee.


    Unless one is pure in heart and, first of all, casts out of the mind all selfishness, all hatred, and all antagonism, he cannot hope to be so attuned with the Cosmic, that wonderful miracles, or even simple demonstrations of mysticism will become easily and efficiently possible. 


    Therefore, in approaching the work about to be outlined, please bear in mind that we must each, first of all, live a life that is befitting a disciple of such divine and glorious principles.


     You have read, of course, that the ancients devoted a part of their lives to alchemy, and this is often referred to as the art of transmutation.


    One would think, from the present-day references to such things, that mystics of old spent all their time trying to make gold out of silver, zinc, and other base metals, and from this impression, one would naturally conclude that the mystics were more concerned with making money or becoming wealthy than they were with the other things of life, or with the welfare of mankind generally.


    Of course, such a conclusion makes one realize at once that something is wrong in the process of reasoning or in our understanding of what they were really trying to do.


    Popular readers of present-day occult works, fail to appreciate the wonderful symbolism and allegory contained in the ancient writings, and they forget that when the alchemical mystics said they were trying to make pure gold out of base metals, by putting the gross matter through the crucible of fire, and eliminating the dross, and having only the refined elements left in the crucible, they were speaking allegorically of human nature, and not of real metals.   


    When the mystics did resort to laboratory experiments, using real metals, and actual fire, it was solely for the purpose of proving the higher laws on the lower plane, and showing their universal application.


    The real purpose of the mystics and alchemists was to establish the existence of mental alchemy as well as physical alchemy, and they hoped that through the fire of test and trials, and through the great crucible of our experience on this earth plane, the baser elements of our natures would be eliminated, and only the pure gold of our souls and Beings would remain.


    You are now going through that same alchemical process which is referred to by the ancient mystics, only now you will understand the allegory and symbolism.


    One of the interesting processes of mental alchemy is about to be explained to you, whereby the creative power of mind is brought into play to create and bring about manifestations on the mental plane, just as the creative power of the physical forces brought about manifestations on the physical plane.  Therefore, we shall begin this first interesting alchemical study with the following experimental work.


    In giving treatments at distances, we touch upon a subject which is sometimes called, “absent treatment.”  Because the untrained workers occasionally, or too often secure unusual results or good results, others are apt to think that system and method are not necessary for such work.


    The work is so simply done, after the rules are known, it would seem as though the mystic simply raises his hand or closes his eyes, breathes a prayer of goodness, and the work is done.


    We do not know, nor can anyone know, unless he has studied the methods, what thoughts were in the mind of the mystic; what real points of method and process he may have used; and it is these minutest details, touching upon the greatest fundamental laws of nature, that you must have in mind, and absorb so well that they become second nature to you.


    Have you ever thought, in writing upon paper with pencil, that the act would seem to someone who did not know, as though it were easily done?  The uneducated mind could not know that years of preparation, study, and practice were necessary before the hand could take the pencil and make these marks, which in themselves only reflected the thoughts in the mind.


    So with the mystic’s process.  The things he does outwardly, which others can see, are but symbols and reflections of what is going on in his mind, and of what he knows, of what he has prepared himself for.

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