Book of Alchemy


Chapter 5



    Anael, archangel of the Sphere of Venus; Raphael, archangel of the Sphere of Mercury; and Gabriel, archangel of the Sphere of the Moon; these are the Lords of the planets.  Remember hearing people say when Gabriel blows his horn calling us to judgment in the other world.


    These separate beings, flying from place to place carry the aspects of the one great Life force.  Their presence radiates everywhere in this solar system.  Each is a manifestation of a particular phase of the single Divine life force, and this is to be seen in the fact that all their names end with the syllable El, “God.”


    The One Power, manifesting itself as the Divine Soul, seat in the divine Mother aspect of creation the “Contemplation of God”, and this Divine vision of the logical consequences of what the Life Force knows itself to be, becomes ours when we attune ourselves to the Divine Soul.  The over soul.


    The One Power, manifests as the universal memory in Mercy – Sphere of Jupiter.  On the life-power’s perfect recollection of itself, and of all its manifestations, is founded its beneficent righteousness, its loving kindness, which is expressed by the “Righteousness of God.”

    Angel Kamael signifies “Severity of God”, and is therefore attributed to the fifth sphere.  It is the Life-power manifest as the force we feel within us as volition.


    Michael is the archangel of the Sun.  The name designates the Divine ego.  It’s meaning is “Like unto God.”


    Anael, is the archangel of Venus, and means “Grace of God”, and behind it is the thought, explained elsewhere, that the working of the desire nature is really the manifestation of the Divine Grace which has already prepared for us the good gifts we desire.


    Raphael is the archangel of the Sphere of Mercury.  It designates the Life force as the active principle of intellect, whereby things are brought to fulfillment and perfection.  The name means “God the Healer”.


    Gabriel is the archangel of the Sphere of the Moon, and of the automatic consciousness.  Thus Gabriel, in the New Testament, is the angel of the annunciation, for his name stands for the Life force manifestation in all the processes of reproduction.


    To converse familiarly with these genii of the celestial army is to be able to attune oneself to their characteristic qualities.  This is the power attributed to the higher path of wisdom, because the superconsciousness experienced by the “possessor” of this path has control of the energy which Hebrew Wisdom calls Ruach, and which is named Prana in Sanskrit.


    “(The knowledge and control of this Prana) opens to us the door to almost unlimited power.  Suppose, for instance, one understood the Prana perfectly and could control it, what power on earth could there be that would not be his?  He would be able to move the suns and stars out of their places, to control everything in the universe, from the atoms to the biggest suns, because he did control the Prana.


    By the measures given in our figure, every line of the Pentagram is twenty-one units long. 


The number 21 is the value of the Divine Name                          .  

This is the special Divine Name attributed to God.  It is the word rendered “I AM”, in English translations of Exodus 3: 14.

    21 is the value of another Divine Name, Yeho  This is the establishment of the six directions, constituting the Cube of Space.


    It’s first two letters, I and H, form the special name for Chokmah, Yah.  

Its last letter , is understood by Qabalists as being a symbol for the sixth Sephirah.  Thus combines Qabalistic designations for Chokmah, the Father, and Tiphareth, the Son, as does the noun, ehben, in which the first two letters spell Ab, Father, and the last two spell Ben, the Son.

    The point here is that the establishment of creation, symbolized by the formation of the six directions of space by permutations of the letters of, Yeho.


     The ceremonial use of the Pentagram by a person who is not linked by actual initiation and obligation does expose the operator to risks, which are not the less real, because they have no immediate sensory effect.


    This is a word to the wise.  To the unwise it may seem to be fanatic; but it is precisely because we have no means of knowing, that these pages will not fall into the hands of the unwise; that we refrain from giving directions for the ceremonial use of the Pentagram.


    “In dealing with elementals or non-human entities, the Pentagram, or Pentalpha, is the best weapon.  This is a five-pointed star drawn in a particular way.  Pointing the first and second fingers of the right hand, and folding the others into the palm and touching their tips with the thumb, proceed to draw the Pentagram in the air, keeping the elbows stiff and swinging the arm at full length.


    Start with the right arm across the body, the hand about the level of the left hip, the extended fingers pointing downwards and outwards.  Swing it upwards, as if drawing a straight line, in the air, until the fingers point straight upwards across the body, till the hand has come back to the point by the left hip whence it started.


    The value of the Five-pointed star, the symbol of Humanity, in its potency depends upon the manner in which it is drawn.  The manner which I have given is the correct one for banishing.


    This banishing Pentagram is of great efficacy in warding off psychic attacks, nor is its value limited to dealing with the elementals or non-human entities.  Precisely because a Pentagram so traced in the air does symbolically affirm what has been stated in this lesson, it serves also as protection against psychic attacks from human beings.


    When a Pentagram is traced in ceremonial magic, each of its five lines stands for Eheyeh, or for Yeho.  The works of man (The Pentagram) are circumcised and conditioned by the being of the Lord, and are special manifestations of the power and Life-force of God.


    These are not necessary to create, for the word still works, but this is the mathematics of creation.  The gestures involved in tracing it impress the subconscious mentality with potent suggestions.


    The figure below shows a Pentagram enclosed in a pentagon.  Inside the pointed angles of the pentagram are the Hebrew letters employed in the Rosicrucian and Qabalistic spelling of the bane Yeheshuah, which is formed by inserting the “Holy Letter,” Shin, between the first and the last two letters of  (see hebrew to the left).                                           .

    Outside the pentagon are the symbols of the Quintessence and the four elements as they are assigned by occult tradition to the points of the Pentagram.          


    On the upper horizontal line of the Pentagram are the figures 8, 5, and 8.  These are the digits corresponding most nearly to the actual subdivision of the line into extreme and mean proportion.


    That is to say, 5 (the length of the short segment) is approximately to 8 (the length of the long segment) as 8 is to 13 (the length of the sum of these two segments).  Again, 8 is to 13 approximately as is 13 to 21 (the length of the whole line).  Note that these numerical proportions are only approximate.  The actual geometrical divisions of the line, however, are in exact extreme and mean proportion.  Numbers cannot express the exact proportion, but geometry does provide us with the perfect Golden Section.  Thus, a Pentagram is a perfect example of this proportion.


    The numbers we have employed are, nevertheless, valuable Qabalistic clues, to the occult meaning of the Pentagram.  By using them, we first of all define the length of the sides of the enclosing pentagon, as being each 13 units in length.  The perimeter of this pentagon, therefore, will be the sum of its sides, or 65 units.

    65 is the number of the Divine Name, Adonai, “Lord”.  This is the name used by pious Jews as a substitute for the Tetragrammation, whenever they come upon the latter in reading the Scriptures.


    65 is also the number of the noun, Haikal, meaning “temple”, or “palace”.


    All activities of man are carried on within the being of Adonai, the Lord; this Lord being the palace or temple, of the One Reality, designated by yhvh, and the living Presence of the One Identity.



Cube of space


   In formulating the Cube of Space as an exercise – think of yourself first as facing West, because this has to do with a creative sequence.  You think of yourself as being a small point of living light, at the center of a limitless expanse of space.


    The point of light extends itself from the center, projecting rays to form a series of squares of colored light, all equi-distant from the center.


    A yellow square, two or three yards above the head.

    A blue square, two or three yards below.

    A green square, two or three yards behind, its edges joining the blue and the yellow.

    A red square, two or three yards to the right.

    An orange square, two or three yards to the left.


    The yellow square you project overhead is Mercury, or the Mind.

    The blue square you project beneath you is the Moon, or the subconsciousness.

    The green square you project behind you is Venus, or creative imagination.

    The red square you project to your right is Mars, or spiritual awakening.

    The orange square you project to your left is the sun or regeneration.


    You face outward from the Cube, toward the West, where lies the end of the day,

    the sunset, and the day’s reward.  It refers to Jupiter and rotation.


    These keys cover the six faces of the Cube.  Though a cube is always associated with the number four, due to its four-square nature, and four equal sides to every face, yet it has six sides, or faces, and this six relates it to the Star of David, or “as above, so below”.  Thus, the number four of material manifestation implies that there is first a heavenly manifestation, preceding that on earth; seven brings out the dimension.


    They correspond to the six points of the Star of David, plus one more.  The seventh is the point implied at the Center of the Star, as it is also the Holy of Holies, or innermost point of the Cube, from whence it is said to “support the six directions of space”, represented by the six faces.


    This seventh point refers to Cosmic Consciousness.



The cube of space


    The cube is a symbol of earth, of the physical plane, and of salt – because salt crystallizes into cubes.


    It stands for truth and Order, being equal of all sides.


    The most realistic approach to the Cube of Space is through the exercise given above.


    1.  The Yellow square you project overhead is Mercury, or Mind.  Key 1.

    2.  The Blue square beneath you is subconsciousness.  Key 2.

    3.  The green square behind you is Key 3, Venus, imagination, the East.

    4.  The red on the right hand, action.  Mars, Key 16.  North

    5.  Yellow on the left hand, Resh, the Sun.  Key 19.  South.

    6.  You face outward from the Cube, toward the West, where lies the end of the day, the sunset, and day’s reward.  This is Kaph, the Wheel of Fortune.  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”


    These Keys cover the six faces of the Cube.  Though a cube is always associated with the number four, due to its four-square nature, and four equal sides to every face, yet it has six sides, or faces, and this six relates it to the Star of David, or, “as above, so below.”  Thus, the number four of material manifestation implies that there is first a heavenly manifestation, preceding that on earth; seven bring out the dimension.


    They correspond to the six points of the Star of David, plus one more.  The seventh is Th, which is the point implied at the Center of the Star, as it is also the Holy of Holies, or innermost point of the Cube, from whence it is said to “support the six directions of space,” represented by the six faces.


    It has no line of extension, but rests therein, as though freely suspended in space like the Universal Dancer pictured in Key 21.


    Sometimes the Rose Cross is shown with a flower of 22 petals.  The second row of seven petals corresponds to these same seven letters.


    The Seven Double Letters:


    The seven double letters, B, G, D, K, P, R and Th, are so designated because to each is assigned the Intelligence, or attribute of a pair of opposites.  Each also rules one of the spiritual centers, or chakras.


    B – Beth      .…Key 1 ……Life & Death              …..Mercury

    G – Gimel   … Key 2 …… Peace & Strife            ….Moon

    D – Daleth  ….Key 3  ……Wisdom & Folly         ….Venus

    K – Kaph    ….Key 10 ……Wealth & Poverty      .…Jupiter

    P – Peh      …..Key 16  ……Grace & Sin               …Mars

    R – Resh    …..Key 19 ……Fertility & Sterility     …Sun

    Th – Tav  ……Key 21  ……Dominion & Slavery  …Saturn


    At the time of Judgment, depicted in Key 20, these seven pairs of opposites become balanced and blended, perfectly coordinated so that the flesh of the figures, risen to a higher fourth dimensional plane, are shown as gray.  They have overcome these extremes.


    Because Earth is the last element, not the first, the final or New Earth represented by Tav at the center of the cube had to come forth from something else.  This was brought about by a fusion of three other elements: Fire, Air and Water; or Shin (Key 20), Aleph (Key 0), and Mem (Key 12).


    These three so-called Mother Letters are the three petals shown at the center of the Rose Cross.  But on the Cube of Space, they are lines drawn in three directions, crossing at the exact center.


    The Three Mother Letters:


    Air:  From center top to center bottom is drawn the line of Aleph, Key 0, Pure Spirit, Life-Breath.  This Key is associated with Life and spiritual consciousness, and descends as a link between the consciousness called Above, and that Below.


    Water: Mem, Key 12, connects the eastern face to the western face of the cube, with a line drawn from the exact center of each crossing the line of Aleph at the middle.  This “water” of Mem is the substance which flows from mental origins and enters into manifestation as the system of related events which make up the mechanics of the universe.  Mem represents a state of samadhi, uniting with the sustaining principle of all mankind, and sharing the burden and the joy of cosmic administration.  Superconscious awareness of substance.


    Fire: Shin, Key 20, is the third co-ordinate or Mother Letter.  It joins the north face of fiery Mars to the South face of fiery Sun.  However, it moves out from the center, at the crossing point of the other two.


    This is because the Cube is brought into manifestation from the central point.  Here is super-conscious awareness of the true nature of activity.


    We do not have to achieve union with the Divine, but to become aware of it.  Then will we recognize the focusing of Cosmic Will, and the inner workings of the Life Power.


    Will Power is both Light and Fire-Power.  Shin, as “tooth” releases the fire of energy from food into our blood.   


    The Life Power is also sometimes shown as a devouring fire, which swallows up and assimilates form, along with any illusions regarding time and space limitations.


    The movement of each of these three lines is double, away from the Center in both directions.  It is not possible to follow any one of them from surface to center.


    The Five Final Letters, or Diagonals:


    How then does one reach the Center from without?  By following any one of the four interior, and invisible, diagonals.  These lines are not drawn on the diagram, but can be located by drawing a line from any corner to the corner directly opposite.  These lines are assigned to the final letters of the Hebrew alphabet, or letters, which differ when they occur at the end of a word, from their usual form.


    All these letters move upward  from the subconscious level toward the center, showing that the life force moves along these paths as the result of responses which originated at the subconscious level.


    Final K begins at the lower southeast, goes through center to upper northwest.

    Final N begins at lower northeast and passes to upper southwest.

    Final P begins at lower southwest and passes to upper northeast.

    Final Tz begins at lower northwest and passes to upper southeast.

Final M is placed at the center of the Cube along with Tav.  There they join in the Hebrew word “toom”, signifying perfection and completeness.


    Because all these letters move upward toward the center from the subconscious, Key 2 representing the bottom face of the cube, it is evident the life-force moves along these paths as the result of responses originating at the subconscious level.


The upward movement along the diagonals is a consequence of and response to a prior down- ward movement, originating at the conscious level represented by the upper face of Key 1.


    If you find the shortest way to the beginning of a diagonal line, this provides the clue to the mental activity which will arouse the inner, or underlying, impulses to move in ascent along that particular Path.


    The first of these final letters is that of final Kaph, K.  Thus, one must have completed the line West below, Key 15, the Dweller on the Threshold, before he is permitted to traverse the upward Path.


    Once arrived at the Center, by way of final Kaph, he may pass in any of 10 different ways to the exterior, both through the diagonals, and the six lines leading to the faces through the Paths of the three Mother Letters.


    Thus, from the Center, one may follow any one of the lines: 0, 12, 20, 10, 13, 16, or 17.


    The Twelve Simple Letters:


    The Cube has 12 edges, or boundary lines, and to each of these is assigned one of the 12 “simple” letters with definite functions.  Those representing the five senses and speech are mentioned first.  Thus:


    Key 4  – H    – Emperor        ….Sight

    Key 5  – W   – Hierophant    ….Hearing

    Key 6  – Z    – Lovers          …..Smell

    Key 7  – Ch  – Chariot       ……Speech

    Key 8  – T    – Strength      ……Taste (Digestion)

    Key 9  – Y   – Hermit          ……Touch

    Key 11 – L   – Justice            ..…Action 

    Key 13 – N  – Death            ……Motion   

    Key 14 – S   – Temperance    ….Wrath  

    Key 15 – O  – Devil                …Mirth

    Key 17 – Tz    Star            ……Meditation   

    Key 18 – Q   – Moon           ……Sleep       


    These form the outer circle of 12 petals on the Rose Cross.


    There are many things to be drawn up from the Cosmic “waters” through meditation.


    Suffice for now one example of how this can be done: the line of Key 17 (meditation) “fishhook,” joins the line of Nun, Key 13 (Fish) with that of Key 5, Vav (Hook).  This tells us that meditation draws the fish to the hook.


    We have given the outline of the Cube here with its spiritual significance.  One with plenty of time could “live” in this cube long enough to gain a deep understanding of its workings by correlating the relationships and following correctly the various paths.


    It is understood that a basic understanding of the Hebrew letters with their meanings, and the Keys of Tarot are essential before any approach to the Cube of Space can be made.


The petals of the large rose on the cross,

are 21 in number, and stand for the 22

letters of the Hebrew Cabalistic alphabet.


The outer circle of 12 petals represents

the 12 single letters of this alphabet,

and in particular, the 12 signs of the



The next circle of 7 petals symbolizes

the 7 double letters – in particular, the

7 astrological planets.


The innermost circle of 3 petals

Represents the 3 Mother-Letters, - Air,

Fire and Water.        





Cube of Space


    The above view of the Cube of Space shows Top, Bottom, North and South, East and West faces, together with the boundary lines of Above and Below.


    It pictures also the three coordinates by the center across lines from Above to Below, from East to West, and from North to South.  To these lines are assigned three Hebrew letters, the Mothers; to the 12 edges, the 12 simple letters; and to the inner central point where the three coordinates cross, the seventh double letter, Tav.


    One can reach Center from without only by going up a diagonal from a lower corner, of final letters.


    Final M is at the Center with Th.  K is the first Path up, 10 – and one has completed all that concerns K, before reaching Final K.


    There, one has covered the face of K, bounded by 11, 13, 14 and 15, to reach Final K, the diagonal entering point, at the South East.


Fig. 1 represents the Cube of Space viewed from the West, showing the top, west and south faces.  The boundary lines are named and arrows show the direction of the current flowing in each line.




Fig. 2 shows the top, bottom, north and east faces, together with the boundary lines North-Below, East-Below, and North-East, which are omitted from Fig. 1



Fig.3 represents the three coordinates by dotted lines from A (Above) to B (Below), from East to West, and from North to South.


    To these three lines are assigned three Hebrew letters, the Mothers; to the twelve edges the twelve simple letters; and to the inner central point, where the three coordinates cross, the seventh Double letter, Tav.


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