Book of Alchemy


Chapter 4 - Initiation


    Let each of us consider himself as a man who is ignorant of himself.  He knows not how to estimate what his creation is, or how great it is, because he knows not how to value his creation.


    If you consider your Maker as the composite of the things around you, if you will look at the structure of things, their order, function and dependency upon one another, the instrument of food, vessels of digestion, and several other transmuting functions of the human body, and how nourishment is carried and diffused throughout the whole body, this wonderful and intricate creation presents an impasse to the individual who is seeking to make an animal of himself.


    It is the animal that we wish to train and to teach to become a Godlike man.  I have often thought that if this rare fabric of the body alone were but considered by us, with all the rest of the many things that go to feed it out of nature’s storehouse, man would have a more reverent sense of power, wisdom and the goodness of God, The Father in heaven.


    If he would acquaint himself regarding his own Soul, and its union with the body, its purpose, and that which it provides, he would admire and adore his good, the great Creator, the Nameless One.  He would at least admire the Lord and Master of this earth, our Lord Jesus Christ.


    As we work and read and study through this fourth chapter, we will formulate the new ideas, new understanding, form for things which we will understand later on.


    In this lesson, we are going to talk about a sort of panorama of life, as God permitted it to express itself through the laws laid down.


    Many things are basic and around which the Soul is the center.  For, the Soul is the discovery point of revelation.


    It discloses revelation, not only of those things to come, or what man is going to do with his hands, but it also is a revelation of God’s creation. Around this, there are many revelations telling not of fortunes, but of the understanding we seek in finding the answers which only our Creator knew when this development of body and form took place.


    But let us warn you, do not look for an answer in a definition by words, for these will only delude you.  There is such a thing as experience.


    Remember, we are in a state of immortality of the Soul and of heaven, and the state of this is an ever-growing reality in the body, in the mind of the Father.


    Questions now do not answer questions then, because then has changed from now.  What I am saying is that we are here sensing a contemplation of the spectacle of life, and as we advance along, this contemplating and theorizing will, through our individual demonstrations and experiments, become Truth in us that we will experience.


    We will experience the reality of man in the material and immaterial, spirit and Soul-self, and thus find the reality of Being in God.


    We arrive at an understanding of the activities which might be called our lesser lives, so to speak, and an inanimate world.  It might well reveal a simple picture of nature spanning the gulf between the two worlds.


    Let us begin with a very valid statement that in simplicity there is a great evidence of strength and stability, for in God’s world, all things are simple.


    We should only recognize that in the animate world, or that matter endowed with the activity of greater life, is a much more complex condition than in the simple inanimate substance or inanimate world.


We can appreciate and understand that nature has changed many things and forms, so that life can be sustained, and the life-principles sustained.


Making this very simple, nature’s accomplishment under the laws of the creation, to sustain life, make it clear that the self-sustaining of life involved, the evolution of matter to the proper forms, with the necessary durability for its use and purpose.


   Thus, matter changed in many forms and evolved.  Even now, we can witness some of these (half- and part-lives) not complete, which are sustained and therefore, transient, but which nonetheless seem to bridge the gulf between the animate and the inanimate worlds around us.


    In the lower organisms of life, we can see how the life-forms were finally achieved.  The organisms had a memory of the experience of its evolution, to the existent degree of its stability, which was imparted to the offspring.


    We can observe the instinctive or involuntary act of these lower organisms and their adaptation to life and its environment.  Conditions such as heat, cold, light, sound, vibration, have a definite effect on the lower organisms.


    The adaptation in new conditions as man progresses and as the world changes, shows that they must learn an new adaptation from the memory of experience.


    We, as human beings, have this same condition as we go into the new age, or the Aquarian Age.  Thus, man’s body is changing now.


    It is with the foregoing information that we see that instinct, or the involuntary actions, are older in spirit and time than objective consciousness. 


    When the consciousness appears in the life form, we find that such action is ready and at hand, and it avails itself of such action for the conscious purposes, thus, following the laws of creation.


    Pleasure and pain are the gifts of nature to consciousness for the developing of the voluntary action.  For, whenever activity has an experience, it is coincident with either pleasure or pain.


    Attention is drawn to this action, and thus, the two are assimilated and associated together.  Thus, we have gradually inculcated into the present state by association into voluntary action.


    Through previous action, we gradually move from the voluntary actions to memory and consciousness.  They are constantly being reduced to involuntary actions, which are carried out without conscious attention as when these movements were new.


   We live according to mental actions, whether there is physical action or not. While a person is sitting or standing, moving or remaining perfectly still, his brain is active and therefore, his mind is active.  Even during sleep, when our brains are inactive, our minds continue activity, for the organism of the body continues to be active, and we often bring consciousness of some of these phases of activity in the form of dreams, back into the conscious state.


    So, in a sense, we live mentally whether we are physically conscious or not.


    If we study our lives, we find that life in this expression is divided into two phases – conscious existence and unconscious existence – just like the greater phase of life, the life in the seen and the life in the unseen.  You know that you are alive at the present time because you are conscious of your existence, or are you?  Fully?


    When you are asleep, however, you are not conscious of your existence, unless you have advanced to a high state of spiritual reality.


    You may be living normally during your waking hours, you may at times be perfectly unconscious, of your existence, for a few minutes, just as when you are asleep, you may not have mental appreciation of who you are and what you are.


    Therefore, your mental life – or lives, shall we say – are divided in two phases, conscious and unconscious.


    As you read this, or listen to its being read by yourself, or someone else, you are voluntarily and willfully doing certain things.  All activities proceed from and through the will, without which there would be no action, either active or passive action.


    It is only by your will that you remain seated, or that you stand, that you have a pencil moving across a sheet of paper taking notes, and it is by will that you command your body to move when the lessons or the sheet is finished.  Certain muscles obey your command and cause your body to move.


    While I dictate, I command by my will that certain sections of my throat and my tongue speak and cease speaking.


    While I am teaching you by this word, and this lesson, there are certain other actions going on inside our bodies that we do not control in the manner just described.  These actions continue whether you think of them or not; these actions are involuntary, and therefore, we find many instances of these two kinds of activities, voluntary and involuntary.


    The organism of man operates through voluntary actions and involuntary actions.  This is a definite law.


    Let us observe the human body and its function.  Let us observe life as it moves, its voluntary and its involuntary actions in the human body.  The most automatic of all, is the beat of the heart.


    Whether we are awake of asleep, conscious or unconscious, and as long as life remains and continues, this pulsation keeps on.  There are many other actions, such as those of the liver, kidneys, the stomach, the turning on and off of digestive juices, the contraction of muscles and the actions of other organs.


    We are unaware of these, and certainly we do not direct them voluntarily.  They are involuntary actions, such as when the food is digested and assimilated into the system.


    Be sure that you stop and think of the wonders of the creation of God in your own body, which has evolved through the centuries, many hundreds of them, all in accordance with the laws of cause and effect – all carefully arranged so that the progression and involuntary action would develop.


    We should also think now about other involuntary actions, such as those that carry vibration and impulses of vibrational impressions, from the eyes back to the brain, and from the ears, the nose and the mouth: these all travel to the brain centers where we have an association with names or symbols and the involuntary reflex action of certain muscles takes place, certain functions of the human body.


    Let us remember one comparative law.  The objective mind in man is his conscious mind, conscious actions.  It controls the voluntary actions so that he may do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.  The subconscious mind in man is unconscious of our realization.  It controls involuntary actions, and most of the actions that man would not want to have to do because he would not be able to do them and gain his experience in this sort of vehicle.    


    We have just finished the preliminary approach to a further understanding of what we are seeking to know in the way of Karma, and why students conduct themselves and have the experiences they do.


    We all know that light is the basic substance in the material world of the Father.  It is the basic substance which, transformed into solid matter, becomes the physical world.


    Now, if we will remember that light moves in globular form, or what we call wave motion, and if we will associate this wave motion and the interpenetrating worlds around us, and through which we live, we will begin to understand the existence of Karma.


    If one of your students has lived before and has committed an atrocity, the memory is in the Soul.  The Soul is the core of all radiating waves in his consciousness and his universe.  When he left behind the vehicle, he merely left the material or solid matter of the earth plane, for the Soul is the sheath of the self.


    His consciousness immediately rose, and, as it did, so his vehicle was transported to the world to which it was related and to which his consciousness was related to.


    Therefore, he is now living on a physical plane of the consciousness to which he had risen to understand and know.


    After residing there for a certain length of time, he then found he was lacking in certain things.  He had denser matter which clung to the Soul, the same as an ameba clings to the kitchen sink.


    It was not dispersible there because it would be ejected.  It had to be ejected because the vibration and the frequency of that world would not permit it staying in that world.


    Therefore, it was necessary for him to reincarnate and disperse of this, the dregs, which are not dispersible in the upper heaven world, and he, therefore, finds his way back to the entrance of vibration in this world.


    That threshold from that sphere of vibration into the physical world, is what is called the Threshold of Life and Death.  It is merely the intervening level of vibration between the material world and that of the heaven world – the psychic world where emotional desire and those things he needs in the nature of a body are then taken into consideration.  He reincarnates, coming through the womb of a woman which is ready to receive and produce a child, and he has come back into earth plane.


    He develops through three stages or at least two.  Anything which is an error related to desire or personal wants, or anything which is related to regular living, such as interrelations between man and woman, would come after the age of 21. Those things which are not related to the association or interaction with people occurs between 14 and 21.


    When he has gained that age, his consciousness will rise to the level at which he will relive these errors, even though he knows it or not.  They will come to the surface because as you teach him the reality of those things, you trigger them and cause them to rise.


    He is back, he is living on two planes, one unconsciously and one consciously, because he is drawn toward the next level of vibration.


    Therefore, we have the action of Karma on this dense plane, for he must clear away from him that which is negative to the plane to which he would have to go when he goes through transition.


   This must be cleared. It is the law of attraction and it functions through the Law of Karma.


    It is the way of releasing those inhibitions, the errors, the negation that he has carried with him in the Soul.


   It has to be removed, and our work as teachers is to know that these acts, or these uprisings, are not things which are totally voluntary, but rather, are involuntary in the sense that they have become incorporated in the Soul, where the involuntary actions take place.


    It is thus, through this that he who becomes a teacher will live where he attaches his consciousness, and where he has the ability to function as a teacher.  If you reach a point where you can attune your consciousness to another plane in totality, your physical body will disappear from your existing material world.


    We must remember one thing: we are building a new race of people and we must repeat and repeat all through our work, the basic fundamental laws of creation in various forms.


    One of the things which is showing up in our work, is the lack of what we normally call, good horse sense.  This is the faculty of association of known laws of creation, of understanding man and how the laws function with man, and of reapplying the laws in an unassociated way on the material level, or on the spiritual level either one.


    It is essential that we develop this faculty in our people, so we have to start with minor judgment, if we have to teach them to use judgment on a lower level, because they have not been taught reasoning in school.


    You can teach a person logic and pure logic, and this doesn’t develop the faculty of reasoning.  Reasoning is taking a law or a function and applying it to something that has nothing to do with it in the framework in which your logic would associate it and using it in a simple way.


    The psychologist might say it was like action in a disassociated framework or pattern.


    Now, in order for us to understand the basics, we have to go back to the understanding of form.  If we understand form and symbolism, and we learn to have horse sense, then we can associate this symbolism and this form with any problem and the laws that are related to it.


    We have not only the law of Cause and Effect, and law of the Word, but we have the law of Assumption; and, when we are breaking up and allowing the student’s past Karmic form and motivation to disintegrate, then we have to bring him to the point where he assumes a new life, a new form.


    If we can get him to assume this new form, the old forms – Karma, deeds, and so forth, will just dissolve because he is going out of one life, out of one level of vibration entirely, taking on another in which we have taught him to use the laws of Cause and Effect, the Word, and Prayer.


    These things are basic.  When he takes on the part of a Brother, and if he will but act on that part, then the basic internal functions will conform with the outer part of the function, and we will see him progress.  Then he will start to work on a different level entirely.  He will live in another world.


  We know that when we come into the Light (what we call Illumination) things look different in the world around us. 


    That is nothing more than dying in one world and going to another, because the old level of vibration passes away.


    The flesh is transmuted the same as the bread and wine are transmuted in the Communion.  The old flesh is gone and the new flesh takes on a new form; therefore, you have a higher level of vibration.


    You are more sensitive to color, you are conscious of more things because you have taken on the Illumination of Christ and you are leaving the old world behind.


    This is where the old saying comes in about Krishna, that he had gone behind the veil – the blue veil of Krishna .


    Now we keep hearing this, “blue veil,” blue and whatnot.  This is a reality.


    There is another old saying taught by the mystics – “You are in this world, but not of it.”


    That means that your being, your Soul, is now functioning, and your vital body is functioning on another level.  You are moving to another level of function; therefore, you have a new consciousness of things and your understanding more and more becomes a reality in your life.


    It is not as difficult for you to have a complete comprehension of the lower order of things and realize that you have control of them.  That is why it is easier for you to heal after you have gone through Illumination than it was before.


    But, still, you have not reached the core, and this is why you seek Realization, because when you seek Realization, you are seeking the reality, God-Realization of the self.


    When you seek God-Realization of the self, you seek the Reality of God-Realization.  This is the last door to go through, the Realization of the self.  This is because from there on up, it is not initiative – it is the evolving of the individual himself in his own particular world, or the world he chooses and the path he chooses.


    He has two branches that he may follow, and he has no choice over them consciously, at all.  He may follow the path of Mastery or he may follow the path of sainthood.


    Due to the fact that as the Light within the body exists and comes into the consciousness and we accept it, we then draw greater Light from the Sun, the Christos, and it becomes one with us.


    As our consciousness moves up the line and the dross is burnt out, as we would say, the very fact that we understand and sense the new world around us gives us what the theologian has talked about as the unity with Christ.


    In order to do this, to have this rising consciousness, it is necessary that we have gone through and been in accord with, or in tune with, or to use a technical phrase, been in a synchronous wave vibration with, the Lord and Master Jesus Christ.  Thus, we have reached unity with Christ.


    But, we have to understand that the consciousness of Christ is on another level, but acceptable by us.  When we assume that, then we reach it.  Our assumption is possible because the existence of the Light, the l-i-g-h-t, raised the vibration of the physical body, thus releasing the vibration from the self within us, raising our consciousness and letting us become conscious of a higher level of reality and living.


    It lets us become conscious of another sphere, another world.  That’s why our senses develop without sitting in circles or going into trances or any of these other things.


    Our senses develop because these senses are common material senses on that level.  They are not supernatural – you couldn’t function any other way.


    So, Realization is becoming conscious of other worlds, while Revelation is the existence of life, living in other worlds around us, which are in another time and whose events and forces have not reflected yet into the dense form of this earth.  And, thus, we have unity with God.


    This is what the metaphysicians mean when they keep talking about this plane, that plane, the other plane.  They are not planes, they are worlds, because they are globular.  They have to be, because they are in the form of our Father.


    The first chapter of Genesis says He made man in His own image, and thus He did.  It is because of this that man can go into suspended animation; if he can lift his body-consciousness and self-consciousness into another plane, he can live there.    


    The body will function on a magnetic field level and the flow of the Life Force will be slow because the cellular structure of the physical body is at a point of static action.


    Static action is living, but not functioning, functioning internally within the cell, the same that you are doing as a whole body; therefore, you are in suspended animation.


    The animate world that we just got through talking about, you have suspended on this level; so, you have suspended animation.


    All light flows – the particles of it do – like the current of a river.  The pulsations that are represented by cycles, and the difference between the length of the cycles which give the wave length are the globular actions out and then a recess, then out, the recess, then out.


    The functions of wavelength are out, in, out….globes contracting and expanding.  These are the cycles of energy.


    But, the flow of this current, Light, is in light packages because it is moving through the basic energy of the body of the Father, through our Solar System.


    Thus, there are particles which fly off because they have reached light meteors that fly off when they reach a self-sustaining potential within themselves and are not reactive to the body.


    Thus, it is that when the individual Soul and self has reached a point of neutrality, that unity of which we spoke, he too may fly off.


    But, you see, this is where the words, “Christian Mystery” come in, because while you study science and study the Testament, you see the functional relationships of the force of the Father and the Spirit – the use of the patterns in the alchemy of creation.


    There is always that factor of the grace of Epigenesis, and this grace is the seed of the mystery.  This is man’s prerogative, to become one with God, but that doesn’t tie him down to a definite pattern.  He becomes free in what he does, and it is always the grace that produces the mystery, the unknown factor, the co-efficient of his expression, so to speak.


    This is the thing which you feel, which you know is there, but you know not why.  It is the gift of God which is spoken of by Moses.  This is the great reality of the Love of God manifesting.


    We know that as we raise man’s consciousness, we are making life better for him.  Because once he has gained his freedom, he can act without being bound to the wheel of Karma.  He then has the greater freedom of using his grace.

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