Book of Alchemy

Alchemy -10

Chapter 10

Summary of alchemy


    This is the essence of a very fine piece of writing which I have interpreted, and you will need to compile in your own mind, its evaluations by analysis.


    An ancient alchemist writes “Water” and calls it a living water, which comes to moisten the Earth, that it may spring forth in its due season to bring forth much fruit.  He compares it to rain and he says this one thing it permeates the body and makes one new body, of two bodies.


    This Aqua Vitae water of life, brings rightly and proper order and disposed with the body, that it dissipated through the body, it whitens it and converts or changes it into a white color.


    Just how precious, to beings in a physical body, how great is this water?  Without it, the work could never be done or perfected, for we are referring to the great work.  It is also called at times Vas Naturae, the belly, the womb, it’s the receiver of the tincture, the earth, the nurse; it’s the royal fountain, in which the king (Sol) and the queen (Luna) bathe themselves and the mother, which must be put into and sealed up within the belly of her infant, and then Sol himself who proceeds from her and whom she brought forth and gave birth, therefore they have loved one another as Mother and Son, and yet are conjoined together, because they came from the one root and are of the same substance and nature.


    This water is the water of the vegetable life, which causes the dead body to vegetate, increasing and springing forth, to rise from death, to live by being dissolved first and then sublimely, risen.


    In doing this the body is converted into spirit, the spirit then afterwards into a body, and thus the amity of peace, accord and union of contraries between the body and the spirit which reciprocally or naturally change their nature.  They receive and communicate with one to another through their minute pairs.


    In this operation in the body, is made a spirit of the most subtle nature, and again the spirit is corporified and changed, into the nature of the body, with the body, whereby our Stone consists of a body, a soul and a spirit.


    When we look carefully at this, it then appears that the composition is not a work of the hands but a change of the nature, because nature dissolves and joins itself, sublimes itself or takes on the divinity and lifts itself up; and the body grows white being spirited from the faeces.


    Our brass or latten then is made to ascend by the degree of fire, but of its own accord freely and without violence.  Then it ascends on high.


    It is born in the air or the spirit, and is changed into the spirit and becomes life with life.  By such an operation its dead body is made of a subtle nature and the spirit is incorporated with the body by sublimation.  The conjunction with it raises up the whole body and spirit, which are made white.


    This is really a summary of alchemy, so let us talk about water, for the water of which we speak is first of all the primary substance or the first matter.  It is also the Mercury of the ancient sages and is depicted in the Magician of the Tarot.


    The garden is Bina and represents the subconscious level of the Universal life.  Yet Bina is said also to be the great sea of the Mother, the root of water.  This is why she is called Vas Naturea, the belly, the womb, the reciprocal.


    She is the Mother of Sol who proceeds from her, that is to say Bina is subconsciousness, the Cosmic Self, but she also is the Mother of the king.  This royal man is the Stone, and Man is the Ego.


    For in order to do this, we must use the Makenol water which penetrates the bodies and makes one new body of two bodies.  This is the same thing that is mentioned by other alchemists when they say the subject of the alchemical operation is at the beginning of the work.


    Regarding Quintessence


    People ask about concentration – why is it so important that we make it the first exercise of the Order?  Pure concentrated essence of a substance, is the most perfect embodiment of something.


    If you have a conglomeration of things it is “nothing”, but out of the nameless nothings something can be born.


   Man is the top stone or block of a pyramid, and everything else is below, is lower than man.      


    For the world functions in accordance with man’s consciousness, and it is that way today for this is his consciousness; it is what he made it.


    At the basis of all science and scientific formula we find the law of the Trinity in matter, which is assumption, adhesion, cohesion, motivated by apparent Cause and Effect.  To deny this man would be denying himself.


    His own, but he can take the same basic law and make any science he wants to.  Remember the four little words.  Everything is so simple.  Just as you can look at a man and have him healed or you just created him, or should I say recreated him; no, for the man you have just created was just made out of the substance which was imperfect, you made him perfect.


    A sponge has a terrific affinity of assumption.  It has an affinity for water.  The words just given us were put within our consciousness; they have taught us already and we have learned all there is to learn.  Now you only have to bring it forth for this contains the master formula.


    In the East was where the masters studied.  This was where the Master stood when he was born, and the three wise men were from the East.  They bowed before the great Master of the Age and laid the new Age at his feet, the three gifts and the Golden Cross.


    A Great Law


    A great law was quoted by a great man who recently passed into the great cosmic world beyond, Doctor Sam.  He once said to me, “Father, if you are going to make a mistake at any time, make it a perfect mistake.”  For power becomes strong within ourselves if we continually spend it at the periphery.  What will be the contact at the core?  How will the soul of it which you create become?


    One of the stories of the New Testament was of the pool where they went to be healed when the waters ruffled.  This was because the angel of Bethesda was the pool's over-soul, or acting as such.  So when he came forth from its depths whoever entered it first gained the perfect link with the consciousness of this angel and thus became healed.


    A bad temper becomes an entity, a driving force in your life becomes an entity, selfishness becomes an entity.  When we get rid of the carnal entities we begin to march towards the eternality of life, and it is for this reason that we must keep the Master Jesus ever in the Mind as the perspective of our entire action, so that we will not create a false Jesus which will not function through us.  This is the meaning of selflessness.


    Let us go back and gain some true perspective of the writings of which some writers have given of the Masters of the Far East, where a great deal of importance was placed on demonstrations that were supposed to have been made by these Masters, where bread was made out of nothing and used to feed the physical body.


    The strange fact about these stories was that these Masters supposedly allowed themselves to get so hungry that they had to make some bread.


    Let us compare the writers of history and look at the Master Jesus.  We do not find that he stopped in his work to make bread to feed himself.  He did manifest bread and fishes and other things for the starving multitudes because they were not able to supply their own needs, for they were at the time with him.


    As we look back over the pages of antiquity and the many laws and principles of the Masters, of the Brotherhood demonstrated, there was one important law – that of materialization – the materializing of things that were needed in order to accomplish certain results.


    Materialization is when actually created things become an object of the material nature and the creating of things of a material nature out of the electronic essence, so to speak, which is in all space.


   This was a common thing of the Masters in the past and is a common thing, really, amongst them today.  The art of mental alchemy and the art of materialization are extremely closely related.


    In some of the ancient records it revealed that the Masters sometimes materialized gold, perhaps out of other metals, but in one or two instances from large pieces of lead or other base metals.  Their structure was changed through alchemical processes and materialized as gold in order that they might have this gold for different uses, for making of instruments or delicate machinery or construction or other needed devices which would be, of course, rust proof and clean.


    They were able to materialize rain in certain dry sections to aid in the work, or they would need this rain for something they were attempting to do.


    In some cases they might materialize certain things for the beautification of ceremonies or other celebrations, but most of these certain demonstrations were done in the temple and amongst the elite, not before strangers, not even to benefit a student but to call something that was needed.


    Another phase of materialization was the act of a person, or themselves appearing in the midst of a group of people, or the materialization of actual persons image of that group actually living in a physical body with a distant consciousness existing.


    We might go back to the day when Jesus changed the water into the wine.  What Jesus did and as many Masters did before him, was an actual materialization of wine so far as it appeared to those at the wedding.


    It could also have been, and I’m not saying that it was not a transmutation of energy, that the water did not change at all, but the persons who drank it.  Their minds’ consciousness were attuned to the odor and taste of the wine.


    They had a realization of the wine instead of the water.  Take note that I say it could have been merely to show the two similar functions, but let me state here that Jesus actually transmuted the water into wine.


    It was these manifestations of ancient Masters in the past and the great miracles that they performed that was what the philosophers called white magic.  These things, of course, would be whispered about in the multitude and there were many superstitions grounded upon them amongst the unlearned, for they knew not of the mystical realities and principles, and would consider these Masters great magicians.


     In fact, each Magus was supposed to be able to make magic; thus it was a group in Persia and other lands called them Magi.  What is commonly called black magic or ordinary magic of today deals primarily with trickery, and the magician frankly tells his audiences that he is fooling them and thus he does so.   While there does exist some called black magicians, on the other hand, it is only a term for a series of imaginary demonstrations of some kind which is usually done by mental projection and mostly by the projections of great fear, and 99 & 9/10ths % of the black magic tools are fear.


    When you do not fear him you have taken away his tools and the power of them.  White magic is never trickery but merely the demonstrations of those material and spiritual laws that each man can use, but only a few can be simple enough to use them and direct them properly.


    Unto the God-man or an intellectual for the sake of understanding, let us say that man possesses an active intellect; he also possesses a passive intellect and a potential intellect.  The active intellect is as described, ever in the act of ever doing something, be it in God or in a creature to the honor and glory of God.


    Then the above is, that act is its precedence and hence its name active.


    But when God undertakes the work, the Mind must preserve its passive state.


    The potential intellect as it is called is in regard to both of these mind states – to the action of God and the passion of the soul to its acting potentiality.


    In the case where Mind is active when it is functioning, against that of when it is receptive when God takes up the work (and then the Mind must remain still and allow God to act), but ere this began to happen through the Mind and Self of God, the spirit has prevision of it.  Potential reception in other words, of its happening.  This demonstrates the meaning of potential intellect, which is often neglected and thus does not bear fruit.


    When the Mind is assimilating it is in a constant form in real earnest, god enters Himself in the Mind and its work and then the soul sees and experiences God.


    Let us now go a little further in casual actions in planting a seed in the ground to bring forth a flower, we are using Mind to direct the coming together of two great forces of nature, so that one will act upon the other and start matter into a new essence of experience.


    We do this planting with nature’s approval and nature’s cooperation and using nature’s law, not our own.  The essence of this is that the substance, the energy, the material used and the procedure by which it is performed are not man conceived, they are elements which flow from the necessity of the divine expression.


    That is, they are of a divine nature, consequently they are a primary cause of alchemical results.  It is accepted through these elements which exist in the divine Mind of the Father; but note the divine Mind, however, does not form these or bring them together.


    It is our decision in planting the seed, then the rest is carried out through natural processes because we have exposed the seed to these elements and it was our mind’s direction that told us where to plant it.


    This makes us mortal also, and provides that the many Minds required to cause the uniting with each other so that one acts upon the other.  Every act of nature, even the crashing lightning, the falling of a star, the budding of a rose, the rise and fall of the tides depends on two causes.  We are very wrong when we think that the results or effects are produced by a single cause, because the mind nor the physical force alone produces the effect.  Active causes are so-called because of comparison to that which they act on.  A rolling stone, for example, its description is because a relationship with its changing position rapidly to our senses, than other stones near to it.


    If such a stone never came in contact with even the air, no matter how rapid its motion, no effect or result would be had; but when that stone strikes another stone or object it produces an effect that may be related, may be a loud sound or relation to the flame.


    Regardless of whatever the result, it is because of the one cause, the passive cause in constant relation as opposed to one that is active.  The active cause is the positive, the passive cause is the negative one.


    Therefore, you may see that every effect or result is the coming together of two causes; one active and positive and one negative.  One cause may be positive in relation to some, to others, it may be negative.


   It is not that the cause necessarily changes its activity and since nothing is actually at rest and all things are active, the one which is more active by contrast is more positive.


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