Many of you have stated to gain some of the realities of creation and have experienced drastic changes in your own life especially in getting closer to the Master Jesus. Just as the woman in Matthew 9:20 touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was made whole, so have your lives been changed and your bodies healed through the closeness you have attained with the Master and his teachings. In other words, you are close enough to touch His garments, if not to touch Him personally.

            Many of you have been initiated into the Light of Christ and the Realization of the SELF and have felt the changed in your flesh bodies and in your thinking through your contact with Jesus Christ. Most of you have partaken of the Communion at least weekly, if not daily. This also brings you closer to the reality of the Christ and Jesus Christ, the Lord of Earth.

            One of the most important things which has allowed you to climb the Ladder of attainment and gain the reality that you have is the use of the tools and lessons in your daily life.

            By now you are aware of are beginning to understand the action of living symbolism in your life. From the Communion Service to your initiation into the Light of Christ, to the way you conduct your business during the day, symbolism plays an important part in your life. From the blue Eternal Flame on your altar to the colors you paint your room, to the clothing you wear – all this determines how smoothly or how disrupted your life will run. It is becoming evident to you now that all your actions and thoughts have an impact on the world around you and on your own personal life.

            The initiations themselves are bridges to a higher level of consciousness, but unless you apply the symbol of that initiation to your life, it does you no good. To receive the Light and then to try and maintain your life as it always was, is a denial that you are a Christed being. You must apply the Light to drive out all darkness and as a representative of the second point of the Triangle, the Son point; you must always be negative or receptive to the Father and direct the Spirit into manifestation.

            For many, many centuries, the mystery schools have been secluded from the rest of the world, but now is the time to go forth, giving the reality of life forth in the way you lead your life. This comes as you recognize the perfect working of creation around you. As you recognize in each living cell or circle, a mirror of God, as you see that there are no accidents in life; but the perfect working out of the law, “as you give, so do you receive.” As you recognize that in you lies all four elements, represented by the square, and their activities, and that the mind rules all, as represented by the five-pointed star. This is living symbolism which you can work with yourself in all things that you do and think and say.

            The initiations and practices are tools which you must use to bring yourself into harmony with the Creator to gain the God-Consciousness and the living presence of Jesus Christ.

            Most of the secret teachings have never been written down and some were so cloaked in allegory that it is difficult to obtain any real information from them. This was not done solely to keep the teaching secret from the masses of people, but also because the path of spiritual development depends upon gradual and regulated study and experience in the laws and principles of creation. True spiritual development does not come by mere intellectual comprehension of the mystery teachings. Some subjects can be studied and mastered intellectually, but the proof is still in the practical application and experience. One of the subjects that can be learned in this way is the study of the Law. You can read about the Law and understand its’ workings, but a certain amount of self-discipline and spiritual development of mind and body is necessary to complete the intellectual understanding.

            For example, you can buy books in any music store with complete instructions on playing the piano. It can have scales, fingering, pictures and diagrams and exercises to be played so that you can become familiar with the keyboard. Within a week of careful study, anyone could learn intellectually all of these basics of playing the piano and would be able to sit and discuss the plying of the piano at length. This person would be ridiculed though if he said that because he had simply studied these things that he was an accomplished pianist.

            Anyone who has studied a musical instrument knows that the actual practice of the exercises and scales upon the instrument is necessary. These beginning exercises would have to be mastered before he could go on to other, more difficult work. A lesson which took half an hour to read would take many days of practice to discipline the fingers to carry it out. The point we are making is this: The mastership of certain arts and teachings requires the development of the body – nerves, muscles and thoughts – so that the body can respond to the directions of the mind and the will.

            Observe a child learning the alphabet and certain simple words. He can learn to read and identify words much more quickly than he learns to write the alphabet and compose letters on a piece of paper. The fingers have to learn to respond to the directions of the mind; to become dexterous in the use of the pen or pencil so that the letters the mind sees can be copied.

            In the study of mystic and spiritual practices, you have another situation. The body must be built up and strengthened and also the spiritual centers must be awakened from their long dormant state. This must be done through similar steps, one at a time, studied and put into practice. Anyone who has practiced the mastery of any of the arts whether painting, playing a musical instrument, sewing or singing, knows that you must educate and awaken cerain parts of the mind, the nervous system, and the muscles and they must become efficient in ways they never used before. As you practice scales on a piano you find it takes a great deal of practice for your fingers to move smoothly and surely and rapidly over the notes.

            The difficulty is not comprehending what to do, but making your fingers do it. Daily practice brings a new responsiveness to your fingers that grows until eventually, just the thought of the scale starts the fingers nimbly carrying out their orders. The same situation exists in any manual trade where time is necessary to familiarize the muscles in a particular movement. The more precise the action must be, the more time involved in training the body to carry it out. Practicing begins slowly and speeds up as the faculties in our bodies develop responsiveness.

            In living these teachings and carrying out spiritual exercises, we depend on the working of the spiritual centers of the body. Regardless of how well we understand the lessons and the law which must be used, until we develop our spiritual muscles, we cannot accomplish our goals no matter how much we ‘will’ it to be. This is why the lessons are written the way they are and in the order they are. There is no quick road to the goal. Every lesson that is learned intellectually must be put into practice before you can go further. The spiritual exercises which are included with the lessons are very important to do regularly and consistently. They will awaken certain centers within the body as well as help in comprehending the lesson. Many of the awakenings will be gradual and will fully develop through regular application of the teachings of this course.

            Remember that nearly all the faculties that you are now striving to awaken were alive and active at birth, and through early childhood. We were educated to believe in material things only and to disregard the things of the Spirit. Thus, these faculties became rusty and dormant through our non-use and ignorance of them. Now we are leaning to direct life and light to them so the current will reactivate them to normal usage. Nature and light must be given time to accomplish their end. You may understand a lesson in half an hour, but your body may take many days or may weeks to adapt to your new way of thinking and approach to life.

            Jesus taught the true laws of creation and he said, ‘those who had ears to hear, let them hear’.

            As you know, these lessons are more than a convenient philosophy, more than something interesting to read and talk about. There is a need to develop the spiritual side as well as developing the mind and the intellect. These exercises provide the keys to the lessons you are receiving and are necessary for digestion and assimilation of the teachings along the Way. The exercises clearly illustrate to your objective senses; seeing, hearing, taste, smelling and feeling; the lessons to be learned in dealing with the unseen creation. The nerves that are related to the senses permit us to analyze situations that come up during the spiritual exercises and to arrive at definite biological conclusions, then they serve as a recording instrument of your memory.

            Working on these exercises you probably will experience some difficulty controlling your thoughts. Learning mind control takes practice, time and development. The exercises themselves are keys which help you develop this ability to control your mind, but you must also work at this during the day. By keeping your attention on what you are doing throughout the day instead of working at something with your hands and thinking of something else; you can practice mind control. This way, you learn to think constructively rather than allowing your mind to drift aimlessly and unproductively.

            As part of this course, you will be required to keep in touch with a Teacher, a Christian Master, so that you may receive the assistance and support which you will need as you progress through these lessons and exercises. We want you to know that keeping us informed is not just a matter of what you reply on paper or what you say about the lessons because you will have a Teacher who will aid you in your work and experiences toward the greater Initiations. One of the main objectives is to truly take on and experience the full Illumination of the Light of the Christ and the fullness of its gifts which is what Jesus meant when He said, “I am the Way.” This is the path He traveled prior to His ministry here on earth.

            Each lesson will contain an exercise or a meditation which will call for a few moments of relaxed separation from your daily activities and for a few minutes meditation so that you may direct and control the affairs of your life in regard to health, wealth, and consciousness. These exercises will require a definite sacrifice of your time and your personal attention. For you must remember one thing, that just reading these lessons will not bring you into the Light of Christ or the Realization of the SELF. You must really want to know Jesus Christ and work for that experience.

            One thing we wish to impress upon you at this time is that during the various periods of meditation and concentration throughout the week, you are very apt to receive many interesting impressions. These impressions, visions, symbolic ideas that come to you during the exercise itself or just as you are falling asleep, or just awakening, and many of these have a meaning for you and should be carefully noted in your spiritual notebook. Be sure to include the date and a brief description of the vision or experience, symbol or picture or guidance which you received. Do not seek phenomena, for many doors will be opened to you naturally by following the instructions as they are given to you. These impressions and ideas usually have some bearing upon your development, your own life, your own progress. They will come to you as a result of your inner, spiritual development, and because you are growing closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the reality of our Father. Many times something that is received later will explain an impression that you received before and did not really understand. This is why writing these down is most important so that when the 3rd or 4th impression of a similar nature is received, you do not have to depend on your memory but can see the clear picture before your eyes.

            We have found that in speaking to another person about the nature of your spiritual experiences and impressions you may lose the intensity of it, so do not speak idly of these things in conversation, but write them down and when necessary discuss them with your Priest or Teacher. After a period of time when the experience has had a chance to become a part of your flesh and blood, then you may share that with whomever you choose. These lessons are for your study only and must not be taught! The are private and confidential. These lessons are designed to bring you into a much closer contact with the Master of this earth, Jesus Christ and the Hosts of Brothers of the White Brotherhood. It is intended to bring about a great revolution in your life as your inner and real nature breaks through the illusion your life has been shrouded in.

            When man enters the physical world at birth, he begins his life as dual being with a dual consciousness. He is a Soul/Self united with a physical body. He has actually three bodies: a physical body, a spiritual body, and a Soul body and SELF.

            Many schools of philosophy give various names to the two intellects or dual forms of consciousness, but we will use the popular terms in referring to these so that it will be easily understood. So man at birth comes into the world and takes on two minds: subconscious and conscious. As a child, Man is not aware of this duality. During childhood, he may be aware of many unseen things to the adult’s eyes and may distinguish many sounds unheard by grown-ups. When the child begins to speak of these experiences to his family, he is usually told that he has an over-active imagination or is accused of being a liar.

            All of us have passed through this stage of being told we must put our faith and trust solely in what can be seen or felt by the outer, material senses. What are these forms of consciousness? One is the divine or spiritual mind and consciousness in man which is part of the consciousness of the Mind of God. The second is the worldly consciousness associated with the brain and knowledge of physical workings and ‘horse sense’.

            The Divine Mind of Self enters the body at birth along with the Soul, and is wise in divine wisdom. This knowledge pertains to all of the fundamental laws of the universe, and the laws of love and Epigenesis that reside in God’s consciousness. The Soul and Subconscious Mind is also perfect in its wisdom regarding the proper operation of all involuntary parts of the body to maintain life from the time of birth onward. But the worldly consciousness in man begins its cycle at birth absolutely ignorant of the ways of the world. This worldly consciousness has to deal with the man-made laws and man-made knowledge such as reading, writing, and mathematics, the history of countries and peoples. The brain and worldly consciousness of man has to start at birth and acquire this knowledge gradually.

            We know that the brain is strictly limited in what it can see and learn. Through our objective, material eyes we can see only a short distance. With our ears, we can hear only short distances, even with the best electrical means. We can feel, smell, and taste in small amounts. We can be easily deceived about degrees of heat and cold, about colors, sounds, movements, tastes and feelings. In time we will learn how to receive our outward impressions correctly, for the inner consciousness itself is never deceived. The real astounding joy comes when you realize the true nature of life and the depth of it, when this inner consciousness of the Soul and SELF or the Christ Consciousness finds its true expression in our life.

            We are seeking to re-awaken the great Divine Mind within and restore to man his rightful heritage. It is the fulfillment of our Lord’s gift to us at Calvary , the true rebirth of Life. Naturally, those who accomplish this rebirth become the leaders and priests of a civilization and the pioneers in new thought and achievements. Through your actions so shall you be known.

            It takes time. For twenty, thirty, or forty years most of us have been ignoring the inner Mind and Subconsciousness. It will take more than thirty days to bring it back into full power. We must undo many habits, forget the teachings of the schools and false beliefs and start all over again in our thinking and doing. We cannot rush this process for nature makes her demands tool. She requires us to develop slowly certain nerve and psychic centers to bring the body into a state of health and vitality, and to bring the true Light and regeneration to the entire form.

            Many of the abilities we are seeking to develop now were naturally present when we were children. For Jesus stated, “For this is the Light which Illumines every man who comes into the world”. Any normal, healthy person can develop these faculties which have been for the most part, successfully schooled out, and as Jesus said, “Lest ye become as a little child, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”.

            The abilities of spiritual sight and hearing are natural attributes and need only to be practiced again for the reality to return to the conscious awareness. Have you ever noticed the sweet acceptance a child holds for Jesus Christ; or the natural and simple way a child talks and prays to God or the Master Jesus? Children come into this world knowing that God is real and Jesus Chris is the Lord of this planet. If the child can be allowed to keep it’s normal spiritual sight and hearing, it will develop strongly and remain fully conscious of it’s Creator. This is not theoretical hopefulness, but is based on actual experience raising these children of God. At a very early age, children should be encouraged to talk with God and Jesus and to use the Law of Prayer to move things in creation.

            Little children learn very easily the tools that we seem to struggle so hard to master. The earlier a child begins to hear about Jesus Christ and God, the more natural will it be for them to express their Sonship and Divinity. Even some of the young ones in their teens have much less trouble in finding and knowing God because they have not had so much of the worldly mind to discard. These children enjoy and participate in all of the things most kids do, but they seem to be able to keep from the confusion of the world and the pressure of finding their true beings which they have never moved very far away from.

            Several things which you may find helpful which have been found to be effective with children are:

  1. Several times a week, read a parable out of the New Testament and have them draw pictures of what they have heard.
  2. Get the children into the practice of blessing their food at every meal and saying their own spontaneous prayers at bedtime – always reminding them to thank the Father for the day and what has been received.
  3. Teach them always to be kind and compassionate to others and to share all that they have.
  4. When the child wants a new plaything, tell them to pay for it, instructing them in the use of the Law of Prayer.
  5. For an ache or pain or upset, teach them to heal themselves or place themselves in Jesus’ hands for an immediate cure. Sometimes you can put your hands on the ache or sore and say, “Let’s pray to Jesus together to take this away”.


In teaching children in this way, they and you too, will learn that they are not crazy because they function the way God created them. You can save your children the time and trouble of unlearning all those things of the world so that they can find reality later on, because if they are raised in this way, the use of their God-given tools will always be easy and natural for them.

Each of us has these faculties and powers lying dormant within our body and Soul. We are all potentially manifested Sons of God. We were born with these abilities which were God-given and a correct spiritual education will develop and unfold them. A child who never goes to school or receives any instruction can not read or write, no matter how highly evolved at birth. The regular schooling is ideally suited to develop our objective faculties and to aid us in learning self-discipline. The regular schools are not concerned with spiritual development as this must be accomplished at home to keep in step with the objective training a child is receiving. These are not ‘mysterious powers’ that you are training yourself and your children in, but how to properly apply the power of wisdom and spiritual experience in your everyday life. This is not to become ‘supermen’, but so we can live as God created us. The powers you will develop and use may seem strange and wonderful to one who does not know the laws of God and so these should not be flaunted for vanity’s sake or used to feed one’s own ego.  We must learn to look at things as they are – outside of all personal appearances, looking past the outer effects of what is going on around us. This means being aware of the subtleties and shades within the visual world.

            An artist develops the ability to look at life in this way because he must see the world around him and then duplicate it on canvas. To do this, he must train himself to see various colors or greens that comprise lawns and trees, to see all the shades of blue that makes the sky. He sees a person’s face and makes the painting advertise the person’s personality by the shading and the lines. He learns to reproduce that by the subtle shading of colors form his palate. This is the key to spiritual sight – being able to see the world as it really is. This is the way we must begin to train ourselves, not to become artists, but to see life simply, as a child does, and added to that, the discernment of a spiritual adult. For as we train ourselves to observe the world we live in, to see colors, shapes, shades of color and form, the discipline of this action will sharpen our objective faculties. The hearing will be clearer, the smelling sharper, feelings more intense and more distinct, and taste will become more discriminating. Remember, spiritual sight is total PERCEPTION, with all the senses active and picking up impressions at once. One sense may only appear more pronounced than the others.

God is in all of the world around us and to see and know His Reality in the manifested Creation is to become as a little child for a whole new world opens to us, exciting and vital in its clarity and beauty.




            In order to break the outer individuality, you will not think of yourself, your interests, your likes and dislikes. Try counting the number of times a day you say “I”, “Me”, “My” or “Mine”. It will show how much life and attention you have focused on yourself and your activities.

            As your exercise, omit all personal references to yourself form your conversations. For instance, if you would normally say, “I really like this kind of weather.”  You would now say, “This weather is very warm and sunny.”

            You will find less to talk about, and will notice yourself choosing your words much more carefully. For as Jesus said, “Thy word shall not return to thee void.”



            Use this exercise twice a day – morning and night, upon retiring and awakening.

            Put the two index fingers on the neck about one inch below the tips of the ears and one inch behind them. This is the spot at the base of the skull bone between the cords of the neck. Press lightly but firmly on the spots with both hands with the index fingers and take a deep breath and hold it for 12 counts or as long as is comfortable. When not holding the breath, take your fingers off your neck.

            Do this four (4) times and allow three minutes of normal breathing between held breaths.

            This exercise will bring greater balance in the physical body and will clear the throat. It also gives a good tonic effect to the blood and balances the functioning of the glands.





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